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How to operate an outboard motor in freezing temperatures

winter on water down jacket

Can I Use My Outboard in Freezing Temperatures? Avid duck hunters and fishers alike will brave temperatures below freezing and get out on the water. Whether its spring fever begging you to get out there early or an early freeze in the fall, outboard motors are designed to operate in harsh conditions and should function […]

How to Winterize your Boat Motor

Winterize Now 2017

Winterizing Tips Why should I winterize my motor? The main reason to winterize your motor is to protect your block from cracking due to freezing damage. While many boaters use their boats into fall to enjoy fishing, summer boaters know it’s time to get their boat ready for the cold before it’s too late. Whether […]

Making this mistake could cost you thousands of dollars

Mercruiser cracked block

There may be things in life you can skimp on to save you money but the following scenario can end up costing you thousands of dollars down the road. You see, many do-it-yourselfers perform basic maintenance on their boat motors throughout the season. Most of these simple projects turn out well and save both time […]

Dangers of Skipping an Outboard Fresh Water Flush

Go To Videos How to perform an outboard fresh water flush Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably down the road. Mercury Marine recommends that you perform a fresh water flush each time your take your boat out. The flush does just what it says, […]

How to Change an Outboard Fuel Filter

Genuine Mercury Marine Fuel Filter

Go To Videos Learn how to change a Mercury Outboard Fuel Filter Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably. Mercury Marine recommends that you inspect and change your fuel filter at least every 100 & 300 hours. You may need to do this more frequently […]

Getting to know your Outboard Motor

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Outboard Motor Parts Discover the main components of your outboard motor, the different types of outboards available and what type of replacement boat parts are recommended by experienced boaters. Parts of an Outboard Motor There are three major sections of an outboard motor which are the powerhead, the midsection and the lower unit. The midsection […]

Changing Lower Unit Gear Lube in a Mercury Outboard

QuickSilver Gear Lube

Lower Unit Gear Lube Change in a Mercury Outboard Maintaining your Mercury outboard lower unit provides a peace of mind knowing that your boat’s motor will function efficiently when out for a day on the water. Mercury lower unit lube changes are an important part of maintaining an outboard motor. Changing the lower unit oil […]

How to change oil for a Mercury Outboard

Watch this video learn how to change your outboard engine oil.
Mercury Marine recommends that you change your oil at least every 100 & 300 hours. Of course, change the oil more frequently as needed.

Fishing Gear Checklist

fishing gear checklist

Struggling to remember all the gear you need to bring on your next fishing outing? We have you covered with this handy Fishing Gear Checklist. Here is a rundown on all the fishing gear you need: Additional fishing gear items to consider: If you are taking your boat out to fish, check out our Outboard […]

Outboard Maintenance Schedule

Mercury Oil Change Kit

So you haven’t kept up on your outboard maintenance?  Perhaps you were not aware that maintenance is required or you have no idea where you stored the owners manual to dig into the details. If you need some tips for outboard maintenance, you came to the right place.   Regular boat engine maintenance is essential […]

Do I need to replace my boat water pump?

Mercury Quicksilver Impeller

Why is a water pump important? Outboard water pumps and sterndrive water pumps are very important to your engine because they circulate water through the engine, keeping it cool to prevent overheating. Find tips on replacing your water pump for outboard motors below. Why is it important change an outboard water pump? Since a water pump […]

The Volvo SX-M Upper

Volvo SX M Upper

Our product highlight for this week is the popular Remanufactured Volvo-Penta SX-M Upper Gear Case from US Boatworks.  We offer the SX-M in two popular tooth counts, the 22/23 and the 21/26.  Within the 22/23 Upper, you can choose from five different gear ratios.  Those are 1.43, 1.51, 1.60, 1.66 and 1.85.  As for the […]

The Challenge with Hard to find, NLA Parts

If you own an older boat motor you may find it challenging to get replacement boat parts for necessary repairs.  Most boat dealers do not have the time or the warehouse space to stock slower moving, older outboard or sterndrive parts.  To make matters worse, manufacturers only produce replacement parts for a period of time […]

This mistake results in costly boat repairs!

E15 -15% Ethanol-NOT FOR YOUR BOAT!

Watch what you put in your gas tank this summer! Planning a fun day out on the lake requires planning and preparation. Most boaters are thinking of food, drinks, sunscreen, water toys and fishing poles. Proper gasoline purchased at the pump usually doesn’t make the list of things to plan for however, it can be […]

Spring Boat Maintenance Tips

Quicksilver Girl with Dad Oil Change

The calendar says it’s almost spring yet the 40 degree temps make it seem like a distant dream.  As we just entered the month of April, its time to think about getting your boat out of storage and begin your spring boat maintenance.  So, if you ask yourself, “do I need to perform boat maintenance?”   or […]

Ethanol Vs Your Boat Engine

Picture of bottle of Mercury Marine quickstor 8m0047932 fuel stabilizer

Planning a fun day out on the lake requires planning and preparation. Most boaters are thinking of food, drinks, sunscreen, water toys and fishing poles. Marine fuel stabilizer usually doesn’t make the list of things to plan for however, it can be the difference between enjoying a trouble-free outing on the lake vs and a […]

The Perfect Gearcase Replacement

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Stay out on the water longer with the perfect lower unit replacement. Replacing a lower unit can keep you on the sidelines for many weeks. Knowing which unit to buy requires research. Choose the right replacement the first time & stay out on the water all season long. Join our 5 day email course on […]

What Info is Needed to Order Boat Engine Parts?

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When you are in need of boat parts to get your repair going on your outboard or sterndrive motor, some basic information is needed beyond a description of the part. Of course having the OEM boat part number is the easiest way to get the exact part you need but often times boaters do not […]

How to Stay Out of the Boat Repair Shop

list of OEM boat parts

Here is a simple tip to keep you out on the water and out of the repair shop. Having been in the boating industry for over 35 years, we see thousands of boats each year for repairs. The one thing most repairs have in common is that inferior aftermarket parts have failed. Sometimes not only […]