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Aftermarket Upper Units

Aftermarket Upper Units

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Aftermarket Upper Units at US Boatworks

Mercruiser New Gen 2 Upper

If you are looking for a replacement upper for your sterndrive engine, you have come to the right place. US Boatworks offers new aftermarket uppers for the budget conscious boater.

Benefits of an aftermarket upper:

Advantages of Aftermarket Upper Units

Boating is all about freedom, adventure, and making lasting memories on the water. To ensure those memories are positive, it’s essential that every component of your boat is working in harmony. This is especially true for the sterndrive’s upper unit, a critical part of your boat’s propulsion system. While OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are a popular choice, there’s a strong case to be made for considering aftermarket upper units. Let’s explore the advantages of going aftermarket, in simple and straightforward terms.

Cost-Effectiveness One of the most immediate benefits of choosing an aftermarket upper unit is the cost savings. Aftermarket parts are often significantly more affordable than their OEM counterparts, allowing you to save money without necessarily sacrificing quality or performance. It’s like finding a great deal on a quality pair of running shoes – you get the performance you need at a fraction of the price.

Wide Selection Imagine walking into a store and finding a vast selection of shoes in every style and for every need. That’s similar to the variety you’ll find in the aftermarket world. Aftermarket upper units are available from a range of manufacturers, offering you more options to find the perfect fit for your boat and your specific boating style. 

Comparable Quality and Performance There’s a common view that aftermarket means lower quality. Many aftermarket upper units are manufactured to meet or even exceed OEM specifications. 

Availability If you’ve ever tried to find a specific part for an older model boat, you know how challenging it can be. Aftermarket upper units often provide a solution to this problem, with parts available for a wide range of makes and models, including those that may no longer be supported by OEM manufacturers. This availability can be a lifeline for keeping older boats in top condition.

Expert Support We, at US Boatworks, are always there for you in case you need assistance for your Aftermarket Upper unit selection. You can call us or text us directly using the links provided below.

Most Asked Questions

How do aftermarket upper units offer cost savings compared to OEM parts?

Aftermarket upper units are generally more affordable than OEM parts, providing significant cost savings without compromising on quality or performance. This affordability allows you to maintain or enhance your boat’s performance at a lower cost, similar to finding a high-quality pair of running shoes at a fraction of the price.

The aftermarket offers a vast selection of upper units from various manufacturers, giving you more options to find the perfect match for your boat and boating style. This wide range ensures you can find units with different features and innovations not always available with OEM parts, much like walking into a store with shoes for every need and preference.

Many aftermarket upper units are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, offering comparable or even superior quality and performance. Advances in technology and manufacturing processes enable some aftermarket brands to produce parts that ensure your boat operates smoothly and reliably on every outing.

US Boatworks is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience from selection to ownership of the boat lower unit.

Customers can contact US Boatworks via call, text, or email to get expert assistance and ensure a great boating season.