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Boat Lower Units

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We Offer Three Lower Unit replacement choices

Remanufactured Lower Unit

  • Priced at deep discounts to save you money
  • These units are remanufactured by experts in our shop for the last 40+ years
  • All parts are OEM
  • Made in the USA Built new to manufacturer specifications
  • Includes all internal parts & is fully compatible and interchangeable with OEM drives
  • Usually ships in 24 hours
  • 1-year warranty on all rebuilt lower units.
  • Better prices compared to OEM Lower Units
  • Aftermarket units are manufactured overseas & imported to USA.
  • All parts are Non-OEM
  • Built new to manufacturer specifications 
  • Includes all internal parts & is fully compatible and interchangeable with OEM drives 
  • Usually ships in 24 hours 
  • 3 year, fault free warranty handled directly by the factory
  • Factory, Brand New Outdrives, Lower Units and Uppers
  • Built by your engine manufacturer
  • All parts are OEM
  • Includes all internal parts & is fully compatible and interchangeable with your engine
  • Optional rebate when you return your old core.
  • Usually ships in 24 hours.
  • 1 year warranty covered by manufacturer

Remanufactured Vs Aftermarket Vs New Lower Unit

Remanufactured Lower Units

Remanufactured Boat Lower Units

US Boatworks offers a cost-effective solution for boat owners facing issues with their Boat lower units or dealing with damages from impacts. Our remanufactured Boat lower units, available for Mercury, Evinrude-Johnson, Force, Mercruiser, Volvo-Penta, and OMC, undergo a meticulous process. Expert technicians disassemble each unit, thoroughly inspecting components before cleaning and replacing parts with top-tier OEM parts. The reassembly is executed with precision, exceeding industry standards. Apart from significant cost savings, our remanufactured boat lower units are eco-friendly, contributing to waste reduction. Choose US Boatworks for a reliable, high-performance, and environmentally conscious solution tailored to your specific needs. Visit remanufactured lower unit

Aftermarket Boat Lower Units

Upgrading your boat engine for optimal performance is crucial, and aftermarket boat lower units offer a cost-effective alternative. US Boatworks provides  aftermarket options for Mercury, Mercruiser, Evinrude, and OMC. The key advantage lies in significant cost savings.  The manufacturer prioritizes meeting or surpassing OEM standards for reliability and durability. Readily available aftermarket units reduce downtime thus enhancing the boating experience. When choosing aftermarket Boat lower units, considering factors like reputation, compatibility, warranty, and professional installation ensures a strategic decision for affordability, variety, and performance. Visit the aftermarket lower unit

Brand New Aftermarket Lower Unit
New Lower Units

New OEM Boat Lower Units

New OEM boat lower units epitomize reliability and innovation in marine propulsion, ensuring peak engine performance. Crafted with precision, these units adhere to strict manufacturer specifications, often surpassing industry standards for exceptional durability. Infused with cutting-edge marine technology, they enhance fuel efficiency, torque, and speed capabilities, tailored to diverse boating needs. While initially an investment, their long-term benefits make them a wise choice. With all-inclusive OEM internals make compatibility a certanity, ensuring seamless integration and a hassle-free replacement experience. With free warranties and insurance options, boaters gain confidence. Quick  shipping within hours minimizes downtime, making new  OEM boat lower unit a high-quality, performance-driven solution aligning with the latest marine tech. Visit new lower unit

Boat Lower Units at US Boatworks

When it comes to choosing the perfect replacement lower unit, your boat’s performance hinges on making the right decision. At US Boatworks, we empower you with three stellar options tailored to meet your unique needs.

Option 1: Elevate your boating experience with our top-tier remanufactured Boat lower units. Crafted with precision using quality OEM parts, these units offer a perfect blend of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Option 2: Opt for brand-new aftermarket gear cases suitable for Mercury, Johnson, and Evinrude Outboard Motors, as well as Mercruiser Alpha One, Gen II, and Bravo One I/O motors. These aftermarket units offer a great warranty for added peace of mind.

Option 3: Choose the OEM brand new lower unit for the best in quality and reliability. While these units come with a higher price tag, you will rest comfortably knowing you have the best unit available.

Regardless of your choice, rest assured that US Boatworks has your back. With over 40+ years in the Replacement Drive business, we possess an unparalleled understanding of your motor’s intricacies. Our commitment to personalized service guarantees that your unit will reach you with exact specifications, optimizing your boat’s performance.

Ready to make the right choice for your vessel? Call us now at 913-342-0011 for pricing details or to dive into more information on our new and aftermarket Boat lower units below.

Insurance claims are always welcome at US Boatworks. Our dedicated owner personally handles all insurance claims, collaborating with you and your adjuster to secure the best deal. With over three decades of experience in replacing outdrives, trust us to navigate the complexities and get you back on the water seamlessly. Your satisfaction is our priority! Contact Us via below mediums to get the best deal!

Guide to Boat Lower Units

Embark on a journey where the heart of your boat’s performance lies – the lower unit. As a vital component of your vessel’s propulsion system, the lower unit plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and powerful boating experience. Join us as we delve into the significance of this essential element, uncovering the key to enhancing your time on the water.

Enhance Your Boating Experience with Premium Boat Lower Units: Explore the pivotal role of the lower unit in your boat’s propulsion system, unlocking a world of enhanced performance, unwavering reliability, and unparalleled efficiency. Elevate every moment on the water with our premium Boat lower units – the cornerstone of a superior boating experience.

Expert Guidance: Cruise through the multitude of boat lower unit choices with the assistance of our seasoned team. At US Boatworks, we offer personalized guidance to aid you in selecting the ideal lower unit that perfectly aligns with your preferences and meets your boating needs.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. US Boatworks is dedicated to ensuring that each customer not only finds the right boat lower units but also enjoys a seamless and gratifying experience from selection to ownership.

Problems with Boat Lower Units Replacement

Are you looking to replace your Boat lower unit one time and then stay out on the water for many seasons to come? Do you dread having to go to the boat repair shop and want to avoid then at all cost? Are you wanting to have a great season out on the water, enjoying time with family and friends? Do you want to be envy of other boaters stuck on the shoreline or worse yet with a boat that doesn’t work? Is the thought of replacing your lower unit giving you a headache?

If so please watch this video with full attention to avoid common lower unit replacement mistakes. Plus learn how to save money while getting a quality drive that will last for years. You can also take help from our expert team contact us via call, text or email provided below. We will be glad to help you.

Insurance Claims

At US Boatworks, we prioritize your peace of mind through a seamless insurance claims process. Facing unexpected events can be challenging, but our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. With over 40 years of expertise, our owner personally oversees all insurance claims, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience. We guide you through the process of filing a claim, provide clear instructions on required documentation, and leverage our industry knowledge to negotiate with insurance adjusters for the best possible outcome.

 Our commitment is to handle the complexities of boat lower unit insurance claims, allowing you to focus on what matters – enjoying your boating experience. Contact our team for any insurance-related inquiries, and let us navigate the intricacies of insurance, ensuring a timely and satisfactory resolution for you. For more info visit our Insurance claim page and get a better understanding of it.

Most Asked Questions

What are the replacement options offered by US Boatworks for boat lower units?

US Boatworks provides top-tier Remanufactured Lower Units with quality OEM parts, Brand-new Aftermarket Lower Units, and New Lower Units suitable for various motors.

With over 40+ years in the Replacement Drive business, US Boatworks guarantees personalized service to deliver units with exact specifications for optimized boat performance.

Yes, insurance claims are always welcome, and the owner personally handles all claims to secure the best deal for customers.

The lower unit is a vital component, ensuring enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency in a boat’s propulsion system.

US Boatworks offers personalized guidance from a seasoned team to help customers choose the ideal lower unit based on preferences and boating needs.

US Boatworks is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience from selection to ownership of the boat lower unit. 

Customers can contact US Boatworks via call, text, or email provided below to get expert assistance and ensure a great boating season.

Please have your model # or serial # available when contacting us.


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