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How to Winterize your Boat Motor

Winterize Now 2017

Winterizing Tips Why should I winterize my motor? The main reason to winterize your motor is to protect your block from cracking due to freezing damage. While many boaters use their boats into fall to enjoy fishing, summer boaters know it’s time to get their boat ready for the cold before it’s too late. Whether […]

Mercury’s FREE 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Free Factory Warranty now through Nov 30, 2023

Announcing Mercury Marine’s latest outboard motor repower promotion. Receive 2 additional years factory backed warranty for a total of 5 years when you purchase an outboard motor before November 30, 2023. AND Receive a free Vesselview Mobile on repower purchases 25 HP and above.Restrictions Apply. Our in stock motors are shown below but don’t let […]

Volvo DPSM Now In Stock

dpsm back in stock

It’s been a long wait for Volvo-Penta to manufacture their DPSM complete outdrive and DPSM lower unit. Volvo-Penta stopped producing these units in 2021 with no details as to when they would be made again. So now, after over 24 months on backorder, production started up at the Volvo-Penta factory. We recently received both of […]

Shipping Times

UPS Standard Ground Shipping times from our US Boatworks location in Kansas City to you are shown in the map above. Should you need faster delivery times, please call us to request UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2 Day Air. We also offer US Postal service shipping as a less expensive alternative.

3 JAW Reverse VS 6 JAW Reverse

mercury lower 3jaw vs 6jaw

Clutch Dog Configuration for Mercury 3 & 4 Cylinder Lower Units View our available lower 3 dog reverse and 6 dog reverse lower units here

Huge Savings -Alpha One, Gen 2 Outdrives

Mercruiser Alpha One, Gen 2 Outdrive

Buying a new Mercruiser Alpha I, Gen 2 outdrive can be an expensive venture. Many boaters find themselves frustrated with the high cost of Mercruiser’s OEM units. At a price point over $3800 for the entire drive, it’s no wonder that many are looking to alternative aftermarket solutions. But buyer beware – the aftermarket sterndrive […]

Dangers of Skipping an Outboard Fresh Water Flush

Go To Videos How to perform an outboard fresh water flush Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably down the road. Mercury Marine recommends that you perform a fresh water flush each time your take your boat out. The flush does just what it says, […]

How to Change an Outboard Fuel Filter

Genuine Mercury Marine Fuel Filter

Go To Videos Learn how to change a Mercury Outboard Fuel Filter Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably. Mercury Marine recommends that you inspect and change your fuel filter at least every 100 & 300 hours. You may need to do this more frequently […]

Getting to know your Outboard Motor

9 9ProKicker NitroLifstyle 6

Outboard Motor Parts Discover the main components of your outboard motor, the different types of outboards available and what type of replacement boat parts are recommended by experienced boaters. Parts of an Outboard Motor There are three major sections of an outboard motor which are the powerhead, the midsection and the lower unit. The midsection […]

Changing Lower Unit Gear Lube in a Mercury Outboard

QuickSilver Gear Lube

Lower Unit Gear Lube Change in a Mercury Outboard Maintaining your Mercury outboard lower unit provides a peace of mind knowing that your boat’s motor will function efficiently when out for a day on the water. Mercury lower unit lube changes are an important part of maintaining an outboard motor. Changing the lower unit oil […]

How to change oil for a Mercury Outboard

Watch this video learn how to change your outboard engine oil.
Mercury Marine recommends that you change your oil at least every 100 & 300 hours. Of course, change the oil more frequently as needed.

Fishing Gear Checklist

fishing gear checklist

Struggling to remember all the gear you need to bring on your next fishing outing? We have you covered with this handy Fishing Gear Checklist. Here is a rundown on all the fishing gear you need: Additional fishing gear items to consider: If you are taking your boat out to fish, check out our Outboard […]

Outboard Maintenance Schedule

Mercury Oil Change Kit

So you haven’t kept up on your outboard maintenance?  Perhaps you were not aware that maintenance is required or you have no idea where you stored the owners manual to dig into the details. If you need some tips for outboard maintenance, you came to the right place.   Regular boat engine maintenance is essential […]

Do I need to replace my boat water pump?

Mercury Quicksilver Impeller

Why is a water pump important? Outboard water pumps and sterndrive water pumps are very important to your engine because they circulate water through the engine, keeping it cool to prevent overheating. Find tips on replacing your water pump for outboard motors below. Why is it important change an outboard water pump? Since a water pump […]

The Volvo SX-M Upper

Volvo SX M Upper

Our product highlight for this week is the popular Remanufactured Volvo-Penta SX-M Upper Gear Case from US Boatworks.  We offer the SX-M in two popular tooth counts, the 22/23 and the 21/26.  Within the 22/23 Upper, you can choose from five different gear ratios.  Those are 1.43, 1.51, 1.60, 1.66 and 1.85.  As for the […]

How to Get the Best Deal on Outboard Motor

merc 5 warranty

It’s no secret that for the past few years, new boats and new outboard motors have been hard to come by. Supply chain issues and a huge surge in demand to be outdoors created a massive backlog with outboard manufacturers. Of course as demand surges and supply shrinks, prices go up. So now that most […]

Now In Stock- Mercury Outboard Motors

40hp Mercury Outboard with Tiller

9.9 Outboard Motors for Sale It’s been an exciting week at US Boatworks. We have 8 new 2023 Mercury Outboards on the showroom floor. Four of these shiny new Mercury motors for sale have 9.9 horse power and offer several different options such as electric start, tiller handle, long or short shaft and Command Thrust. Command Thrust […]

The Truth About Replacement Gearcases #5

maxresdefault 1

The Best Gearcase Replacement Welcome to part 5 of Gearcase Education.  The previous articles have reviewed common gearcase terminology and discussed the three ways you can replace your lower unit.  Those were: So now you have the knowledge and can decide for yourself what unit is best for you.   Whatever you do, if you […]

The Truth About Replacement Gearcases #4

Rebuilt Volvo Lower DP-SA #3842844

Quality Remanufactured Lower Units Welcome to part 4 of our gearcase education course. In the previous articles, we reviewed both the OEM Lower Unit and the Non-OEM Lower Unit. In this article, we have a frank discussion about the rebuilt gearcase. So let’s get to it. A rebuilt or remanufactured unit takes the outer shell […]