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Mercruiser OEM Lower Units

Mercruiser OEM Lower Units

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Advantages of OEM Mercruiser Lower Units

To ensure your boating adventures are always enjoyable, having reliable equipment is key. The OEM unit is the best choice for those that value performance and durability but the OEM choice will, of course, cost more.

Expert original equipment manufacturer, OEM, lower units are in stock and ready to ship today.

Explore the advantages of Mercruiser OEM  Lower Units below.

  • Built by Mercury Marine
  • All parts are OEM
  • Fully compatible with your engine
  • Usually ships in 24 hours
  • Optional rebate when you return your old core
  • 1 year warranty covered by manufacturer


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BRAVO 3 LOWER UNIT, #1656-8M0046738BWOEM905$6,091.50 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $5,691.50More Info
8866G04BRAVO 3 LOWER UNIT , # 1656-8866G04BWOEM905$5,995 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $5,595More Info

ALPHA I, GEN II LOWER UNIT, #1623-815822A53

BWOEM954$2,830 -  $200 rebate for return of a good core = $ 2,630More Info
5121200TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.47 RATIO, #5-5121200TPBWOEM950$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info
51100008PALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.47 RATIO, #5-5121200TPBWOEM950Q$2,795- $400 rebate for return of a good core = $ 2,395More Info
51100007PALPHA 1, GEN 2 COMPLETE. 2.0 RATIO, #5121600TPBWOEM953Q$ 2,080 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $ 1,680More Info
5121300TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.62 RATIO, # 5-5121300TPBWOEM951$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info
5121400TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.81 RATIO, #5-5121400TPBWOEM952$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info
5121600TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 2.0 RATIO, # 5-5121600TPBWOEM953$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info

Why Choose Mercruiser OEM Lower Units?

When it comes to your Mercruiser Outdrive, the choice of a lower unit can significantly impact the performance, reliability, and overall boating experience. Mercruiser OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lower units emerge as the superior choice for boaters seeking to enhance their marine propulsion without compromise. These units, known for their precision engineering and reliability, offer a host of benefits that underscore Mercruiser’s legacy of innovation and commitment to quality.

Choosing a Mercruiser OEM lower unit brings unparalleled advantages, including:

Precision Engineering: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, each lower unit is designed for maximum efficiency and power output, ensuring smooth operation across all boating conditions.

High-Quality Materials: Built with durability in mind, these lower units use premium materials that withstand the rigors of the marine environment, guaranteeing longevity.

Seamless Compatibility: Specifically crafted for Mercruiser engines, these lower units ensure perfect integration, enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of your boat.
Advanced Technology: Incorporating the latest in  innovations, Mercruiser OEM lower units offer improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and smoother operation.

Unmatched Reliability: Adherence to Mercruiser’s stringent quality standards means these lower units deliver reliable performance, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs.

Optimal Performance: Tailored to extract the best from your engine, these lower units improve acceleration, top speed, and overall boating enjoyment.

Warranty and Support:
Mercruiser’s comprehensive warranty coverage provides peace of mind, while access to an expert service network ensures you’re never far from assistance.

Value Preservation:
Using genuine OEM parts helps maintain your boat’s value, making it a more attractive purchase for future buyers.
Choosing the Right Mercruiser OEM Lower Unit involves finding your engine model and consulting with professionals.

Engine Compatibility: Identifying your engine’s specifications is the first step towards finding a compatible lower unit that enhances performance without issues.

Boating Needs: Reflect on your typical use, whether for leisurely cruises or high-speed adventures, to choose a unit optimized for your activities.

Expert Guidance: Leverage the expertise of authorized Mercruiser dealers who can recommend the perfect lower unit for your needs, ensuring a successful upgrade.

Warranty and Support: Familiarize yourself with the warranty and support options available for your chosen lower unit, guaranteeing a worry-free boating experience.

Mercruiser OEM lower units represent the pinnacle of marine propulsion technology, offering boat owners a blend of performance, reliability, and value unmatched in the industry. By choosing Mercruiser OEM products, you invest in a product that is meticulously crafted to meet or exceed the highest standards, ensuring every voyage is powered by excellence. Mercruiser OEM lower units provide the quality assurance and performance boaters have come to expect from a leader in the marine industry.

Most Asked Questions

What are the advantages of choosing Mercruiser OEM lower units?

Mercruiser OEM lower units offer precision engineering, high-quality materials, seamless compatibility with Mercruiser engines, advanced technology for improved performance, unmatched reliability, and comprehensive warranty coverage.

Mercruiser OEM lower units are tailored to maximize efficiency and power output, leading to smoother operation, improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, enhanced acceleration, and higher top speeds, ultimately optimizing the overall boating experience.

Identifying your engine model and specifications is crucial for finding a compatible lower unit. Consulting with authorized Mercruiser dealers who possess expertise in matching the right unit to your engine can ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

Using genuine OEM parts helps maintain the value of your boat, making it more attractive to future buyers. By choosing Mercruiser OEM lower units, you ensure that your investment retains its quality and performance over time, contributing to its resale value.

Mercruiser provides comprehensive warranty coverage and access to an expert service network, offering peace of mind and timely assistance in case of any issues or concerns with your lower unit.

Customers can contact US Boatworks via call, text, or email to get expert assistance and ensure a great boating season.


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