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Mercruiser OEM Upper Units

Mercruiser OEM Upper Units

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Mercruiser OEM Upper Bravo III

Genuine Mercruiser Drives

At US Boatworks we offer several replacement choices for  Mercruiser uppers, the remanufactured upper and the aftermarket upper. If you would like an OEM Mercruiser upper, please contact us for pricing.

Due to the cost of Mercuiser OEM Uppers, most boaters opt for the complete sterndrive – the upper and lower for slightly more cost. Please review the list of complete sterndrives below.

Explore the advantages of the OEM Upper:

  • Built by Mercury Marine
  • All parts are OEM
  • Fully compatible with your engine
  • Optional rebate when you return your old core
  • 1 year warranty covered by manufacturer

US Boatworks –Keeping you on the water  for over 40 years.

Quality you can trust. 



BRAVO 3 LOWER UNIT, #1656-8M0046738BWOEM905$6,091.50 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $5,691.50More Info
8866G04BRAVO 3 LOWER UNIT , # 1656-8866G04BWOEM905$5,995 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $5,595More Info

ALPHA I, GEN II LOWER UNIT, #1623-815822A53

BWOEM954$2,830 -  $200 rebate for return of a good core = $ 2,630More Info
5121200TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.47 RATIO, #5-5121200TPBWOEM950$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info
51100008PALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.47 RATIO, #5-5121200TPBWOEM950Q$2,795- $400 rebate for return of a good core = $ 2,395More Info
51100007PALPHA 1, GEN 2 COMPLETE. 2.0 RATIO, #5121600TPBWOEM953Q$ 2,080 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $ 1,680More Info
5121300TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.62 RATIO, # 5-5121300TPBWOEM951$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info
5121400TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 1.81 RATIO, #5-5121400TPBWOEM952$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info
5121600TPALPHA I, GEN II COMPLETE 2.0 RATIO, # 5-5121600TPBWOEM953$3,775 - $400 rebate for return of a good core = $3,375More Info

Why Choose Volvo OEM Upper Units?

When it comes to boating, every part of your vessel plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience on the water. One essential component that often gets overlooked is the upper unit of your boat’s sterndrive. If you’re navigating the choices for a replacement or upgrade, considering a Volvo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Upper Unit could be one of the best decisions for your marine adventure. Let’s explore in simple terms why Volvo OEM Upper Units stand out as the top choice.

The Perfect Match for Your Volvo Engine Imagine finding a puzzle piece that fits just right. That’s exactly what a Volvo OEM Upper Unit does for your boat. Specifically designed to work with Volvo engines, these upper units ensure your boat operates harmoniously and efficiently. This perfect integration means smoother rides, with none of the compatibility issues that can arise from mismatched parts. It’s all about ensuring your boat runs exactly as it’s supposed to, providing you with reliability and peace of mind.

Built with Unmatched Quality, Volvo’s reputation for durability isn’t by accident. Volvo OEM Upper Units are crafted with the same high standards and top-notch materials as all their products. This means they’re built to last, ready to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Whether you’re cruising through calm waters or tackling choppy seas, you can trust your Volvo OEM Upper Unit to keep you moving forward, journey after journey.

Guaranteed Performance Opting for a Volvo OEM Upper Unit isn’t just about maintaining your boat; it’s about enhancing its performance. Engineered using the latest technological advancements, these units are designed to deliver optimal power and efficiency. This means better fuel economy, improved speed, and overall enhanced performance that can make every trip on the water more enjoyable.

Warranty and Peace of Mind Investing in a Volvo OEM Upper Unit comes with the added benefit of a solid warranty, offering protection and reassurance. Volvo stands behind their products, providing a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. This commitment to quality ensures that you can enjoy your boating adventures without worrying about the “what-ifs.”

Easy Maintenance Keeping your boat in top condition shouldn’t be a hassle. With Volvo OEM Upper Units, maintenance is straightforward. Designed specifically for Volvo engines, finding the right parts and servicing your boat is easier than ever. This means less downtime for maintenance and more time enjoying the water.

Expert Support at Your Fingertips Have questions? Need assistance? When you choose a Volvo OEM Upper Unit, you gain access to Volvo’s extensive network of dealers and service centers like US Boatworks. This means expert help is always within reach, whether you’re looking for maintenance tips or need help with installation. It’s reassuring to know that knowledgeable support is just a call or visit away.

Most Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Volvo OEM Sterndrive for my boat?

Choosing a Volvo OEM Sterndrive ensures a perfect fit and harmony with your Volvo engine, providing smooth operation and optimal performance. It’s crafted specifically for Volvo engines, guaranteeing seamless integration and a trouble-free boating experience, much like the perfect fit of a well-chosen pair of shoes.

Volvo OEM Sterndrives are built to last, using high-quality materials designed to withstand challenging marine environments. Volvo’s reputation for durability means you can trust your OEM Sterndrive to keep your boat cruising efficiently year after year, offering long-term reliability on the water.

A Volvo OEM Sterndrive is engineered for peak performance, utilizing the latest technology and engineering insights. This ensures your boat benefits from superior power, efficiency, and reliability, enhancing every ride and making it better than the last.

US Boatworks is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience from selection to ownership of the boat lower unit.

Customers can contact US Boatworks via call, text, or email to get expert assistance and ensure a great boating season.