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Volvo Remanufactured Upper

Expert Rebuilt Sterndrive Uppers for Mercruiser, Volvo-Penta and OMC Engines

If you are looking for a replacement upper for your sterndrive engine, you have come to the right place. US Boatworks has been remanfacturing Volvo-Penta, Mercruiser and OMC Sterndrive Uppers for over 40 years. Our uppers stand out from the competition because we build them to last. We use genuine OEM parts and have certified mechanics in house that build your upper.
Why should you choose a US Boatworks Rebuilt Upper?

  • Built by Certified Mechanics
  • OEM Parts
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty Handled In House
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US Boatworks- Upper Unit Remanufacturing for over 40 years. Quality You Can Trust!

Advantages of Remanufactured Upper Units

Boating is more than just a way to spend your weekend; it’s a passion that connects you to the thrill of the open water and the calm of nature. To fully enjoy every boating experience, it’s essential that your boat is in prime condition, and this includes having a reliable sterndrive upper unit. While new and aftermarket options are available, remanufactured upper units offer a unique set of advantages that can make them the best choice for many boaters. Let’s explore these benefits in simple, straightforward way.

Cost Savings One of the most compelling reasons to choose a remanufactured upper unit is the cost savings. Remanufactured units are often significantly less expensive than their new counterparts, making them an excellent option for boaters looking to extend the life of their vessel without breaking the bank. It’s like getting nearly new quality at a fraction of the price, offering great value for your money.

Environmental Benefits Choosing a remanufactured upper unit is a green choice. By recycling existing components, the remanufacturing process reduces the need for new raw materials and minimizes waste, lessening the environmental impact. It’s a way to enjoy your boating lifestyle while also making a positive contribution to protecting the planet.

Quality and Reliability Remanufactured upper units are not simply used parts; they are completely overhauled and rebuilt to meet specific standards. During the remanufacturing process, units are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and any worn or defective parts are replaced. They are then reassembled and tested to ensure they meet or exceed original performance specifications. This rigorous process means that you’re getting a unit that’s not just refurbished, but restored to its original quality and reliability.

Warranty Coverage Many remanufactured upper units come with warranties that provide peace of mind. These warranties often match or closely rival those offered with new units, covering manufacturing defects and ensuring that you’re purchasing a product that the manufacturer stands behind. It’s like having a safety net that protects your investment and assures you of the unit’s quality.

Improved Performance Thanks to the thorough remanufacturing process, these units often incorporate updates or improvements that address original manufacturing issues or wear patterns. This means you could experience better-than-new performance, with enhancements designed to extend the lifespan and improve the efficiency of your upper unit.

Broad Availability Finding the right part for an older model boat can be a challenge, but remanufactured upper units often offer a solution. Because these units can be built from existing parts, they are frequently available for a wide range of makes and models, including those no longer in production. This broad availability ensures that owners of older boats can still find high-quality parts to keep their vessels running smoothly.

Expert Support We at US Boatworks are always there for you in case you need any type of guide or assistance for your Remanufactured Upper units. You can call us or text us directly using the links provided.

Most Asked Questions

How can choosing a remanufactured upper unit save me money?

Opting for a remanufactured upper unit offers significant cost savings compared to purchasing a new OEM unit. These units provide nearly new quality at a fraction of the price, making them an ideal choice for extending the life of your engine. It’s like getting the best of both worlds: premium performance and durability without the hefty price tag.

Unlike simply used parts, remanufactured upper units undergo a comprehensive overhaul process. They are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and any worn or defective components are replaced with OEM parts before being reassembled and tested. This meticulous process ensures that the unit meets or exceeds the original manufacturer’s performance specifications, providing you with a product that’s restored to its original quality and reliability.

US Boatworks is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience from selection to ownership of the boat lower unit. Feel free to contact us for help.

Customers can contact US Boatworks via call, text, or email to get expert assistance and ensure a great boating season.