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OMC Remanufactured Sterndrive

OMC Remanufactured Sterndrive

  • Expert rebuilt OMC Cobra Sterndrive Lower Units, Upper Gearcases.
  • Outdrives rebuilt by Certified Mechanics 
  • OEM Parts
  • Made in the USA
  • Quality OMC gearcases you can trust
  • Quick Shipping

987800Cobra Lower V6, V8, 4 CYL, 1990-1993BW44$1,995More Info
987242800 Manual Lower Less Cable AssemblyBW46$2,095More Info
986669Cobra Lower Small Housing 4CYLBW45$1,795More Info
983505400 Manual Lower Less Cable AssemblyBW47$1,795More Info
987064Cobra Upper Unit 21:21 Thru 93BW40$1,995More Info
986380Cobra Upper Unit 21:19 THRU 93BW41$1,995More Info
986382Cobra Upper Unit 21:18 THRU 93BW42$1,995More Info
986381Cobra Upper Unit 21:16Thru 93BW43$1,995More Info

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Why Choose OMC Remanufactured Sterndrive ?

If you’re into boating, you know how crucial a good sterndrive is. It’s the powerhouse that keeps your boat moving smoothly across the water. So, when it’s time to replace or upgrade, you want something reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. That’s where OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives shine. Let’s dive into why they could be the best pick for your boat.

Tailored to Fit Your Boat Just like a key fits a lock, OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives are designed to fit your boat’s engine perfectly. This means they work together just right, making your boat run smoothly. There’s no fuss or hassle, just easy cruising.

Save Money and Enjoy Quality Who doesn’t like saving money? With OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives, you get the high-quality performance OMC is known for, but at a lower price than buying new. This is great because you can save some cash without giving up the good stuff – like power and reliability.

Eco-Friendly Choice Choosing an OMC Remanufactured Sterndrive is also a thumbs-up for the environment. Instead of making all-new parts, remanufacturing uses existing ones. This means less waste and less demand for new materials. So, by picking a remanufactured sterndrive, you’re doing your part for the planet.

Tested for Top-Notch Performance You might wonder, “Is remanufactured as good as new?” The answer is a resounding yes! OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives are put through rigorous tests to ensure they meet strict standards. This means they’re checked thoroughly to ensure they perform well and last long, giving you peace of mind on the water.

Backed by a Solid Warranty It’s comforting to know your purchase is protected. OMC stands behind their remanufactured sterndrives with a solid warranty. This coverage means if something goes wrong due to the way it was made, you’re covered. It’s nice to have that extra security.

Simple to Install No one likes complicated setups, right? OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives are made specifically for easy installation on OMC engines. This means you can get your boat back on the water faster, with less downtime and more fun time.

Support When You Need It Got questions? Need some advice? When you choose an OMC Remanufactured Sterndrive, help is just around the corner. Whether it’s choosing the right model for your boat or getting tips for maintenance, expert support is available to ensure your boating experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Most Asked Questions

How do OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives ensure a perfect fit for my boat?

Just like a key is made to fit a lock perfectly, OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives are tailored to match your boat’s specific engine model, ensuring seamless integration. This perfect fit means your boat will run smoothly and efficiently, with no complications or adjustments needed, allowing for hassle-free cruising.

Yes, absolutely! OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives offer the renowned quality and performance of OMC at a more affordable price than new units. This means you can enjoy significant savings while still benefiting from the power and reliability you need for your boating adventures.

OMC Remanufactured Sterndrives undergo stringent testing to meet strict quality and performance standards, ensuring they are as reliable and durable as new units. Each sterndrive is thoroughly inspected to guarantee top-notch performance and longevity, providing you with peace of mind and excellent value.

US Boatworks is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience from selection to ownership of the boat lower unit.

Customers can contact US Boatworks via call, text, or email to get expert assistance and ensure a great boating season.