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How to Change an Outboard Fuel Filter

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How to Change an Outboard Fuel Filter

Genuine Mercury Marine Fuel Filter

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Learn how to change a Mercury Outboard Fuel Filter

Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably. Mercury Marine recommends that you inspect and change your fuel filter at least every 100 & 300 hours. You may need to do this more frequently depending on the conditions when running your motor.

Fuel filter replacement is an important part of maintaining your outboard motor. Changing the fuel filter of an outboard provides cleaner fuel to your engine and helps keep the internal components of the motor trouble free.

Before you get started, be sure to visit your local Mercury Marine Dealer for the best quality fuel filter.  Avoid the temptation to go cheap with aftermarket fuel filters made with budget plastics and components that can cause harm to your motor down the road. 


To start, you will need the following items: 


Genuine OEM Fuel Filter

Drain Pan


Turn your ignition switch to the off position. Place a rag under the fuel filter to capture fuel that will leak from the hoses when you disconnect.

Disconnect the hoses from the fuel filter by disengaging the fuel tabs then remove the fuel filter.

Now install the new filter by placing the fuel filter so the arrow faces toward the engine. Connect the hoses to the fuel filter firmly.

Inspect for leaks by turning the ignition switch to the run position and repair leaks if any.

As always, confirm these instructions with your outboard user manual or call your nearest Mercury dealer for service and parts.

Again, it is important to choose the best marine fuel filter for your motor. Specifically, choose a filter made by your engine manufacturer. You can pick up the perfect boat parts for your Mercury, Evinrude or Volvo motor at our shop anytime.

Fuel Filter Change for 15-20 HP

Fuel Filter Change for 40-60 HP

Fuel Filter Change for 75-115 HP

Fuel Filter Change for 150 HP

15-20 HP

40-60 HP

75-115 HP

150 HP

Fuel Filter Change on 15-20 HP

FourStroke, Pro Kicker, SeaPro FourStroke

Fuel Filter Change on 40-60 HP

FourStroke: 40hp CT, 50hp, 50hp CT, 60hp, 60hp CT, I-3 747cc 40hp; I-4 995cc 

Fuel Filter Change on 75-115 HP

FourStroke: I-4 2.1L 75hp, 90hp, 90hp CT, 115hp and 115hp CT
Pro XS: I-4 2.1L 115hp and 115hp CT

Fuel Filter Change on 150 HP

FourStroke: I-4 3.0L 150hp
Pro XS: I-4 3.0L 150hp SeaPro: I-4 3.0L 150hp