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Which Outboard Motor Oil Is Best?

Which Outboard Motor Oil Is Best?

Genuine Mercury Oil

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Mercury 4 Stroke Oil 25W-40

2 and 4 stroke motor oil is readily available at discount stores or automotive stores.  The price is slightly cheaper than the OEM boat engine oil so we often get the question:  “Can I safely use the aftermarket or generic oil in my outboard motor?”

The bottom line answer is: You get what you pay for.
The manufacturers of the generic oils will tell you that their oils are safe for your 2 or 4 stroke outboard motor. Although these oils might be “safe”, are they truly the best outboard motor oil for your specific engine?

Many of the budget lubricants use cut rate ingredients to achieve a low price point. They have also manufactured this oil to work with a chain saw, weed eater, lawn mower, car and more.  By covering many different motor types, the choice additives needed for your specific motor are missing. Genuine Evinrude/Johnson and Mercury lubricants are blended with the highest quality base stock and additive packages. The choice of ingredients is driven by the demands of the 2-cycle or 4-cycle outboard engine.  These additives prevent corrosion, reduce foaming and keep your engine properly lubricated.

Our recommendation is to always choose genuine boat motor oil specifically manufactured for your boat engine for optimum performance. A few extra dollars now could prevent huge repair bills later.

You can pick up genuine Mercury Oil or Evinrude Outboard Oil, lubes and boat parts at our store anytime. Bring in your refillable container and we will sell you bulk oil at a discount. Refresh or learn how to properly change oil for your Mercury Outboard here.

Review Recommended Care from Mercury for your Mercury Engine.