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Do I need to replace my boat water pump?

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Do I need to replace my boat water pump?

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Why is a water pump important?

Outboard water pumps and sterndrive water pumps are very important to your engine because they circulate water through the engine, keeping it cool to prevent overheating. Find tips on replacing your water pump for outboard motors below.

Why is it important change an outboard water pump?

Since a water pump pushes water though your engine to keep it cool, a failure of the pump can cause serious damage. If the water pump fails, your engine can overheat and seize up causing huge repair bills. Keeping up on maintenance is essential to the health of your outboard motor and starting with regular replacement of your water pump is a great first step in outboard maintenance.

How often should I replace my water pump?

Most outboard owners should replace their water pump every other year. If you run your boat on a river or in dirty water, you may want to replace the pump every year. Also, take into consideration if you have an OEM pump or aftermarket pump. The aftermarket pump has questionable longevity so may need to be replaced sooner.

Another way to look at it is how many engine hours does your impeller have on it since the last replacement? At a minimum, you should replace your impeller according to your manual – for example, every 200 hours. Over time, the impeller vanes become rigid and work less effectively causing your engine to overheat.

Is my boat water pump failing?

There are two indicators that tell you if your water pump is functioning properly. The first is to check to see if your motor is peeing out the back. If you don’t see water coming out the back, your pump is not functioning.

The second indicator is that your motor has overheated. If the motor begins to overheat, an alarm should sound on the motor. If this happens, turn the motor off immediately to prevent further damage.

Where can I buy an outboard water pump?

Replacement water pumps are relatively easy to find. Your local boat shop should stock most of the popular water pumps. Be sure to buy from a reputable dealer that sells only OEM quality water pumps and implellers that last. You can also find them on Amazon for cheap prices but beware, the off brand pumps have questionable reliability. If your pump fails before you have a chance to replace it, you may find that any money you saved on the pump doesn’t come close to the repair bill to fix your engine. When it comes to boat parts, you get what you pay for and often times buying cheap parts now, costs you WAY more in the long run.

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