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The Volvo SX-M Upper

The Volvo SX-M Upper

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Volvo SX-M Upper

Our product highlight for this week is the popular Remanufactured Volvo-Penta SX-M Upper Gear Case from US Boatworks.  We offer the SX-M in two popular tooth counts, the 22/23 and the 21/26.  Within the 22/23 Upper, you can choose from five different gear ratios.  Those are 1.43, 1.51, 1.60, 1.66 and 1.85.  As for the Volvo SXM 21/26 upper, we carry the 1.79, 1.97 and 2.18 ratios.

This popular Volvo-Penta SX-M Upper is somewhat hard to find so buyers should be careful regarding getting quality remanufactured units.  US Boatworks follows the strictest industry standards when remanufacturing gear cases.  We have been in the replacement drive business for over 30 years and know your motor inside and out. Our personalized service will get your unit to you with the exact specifications you need.

In addition to excellent quality and service, our remanufactured gear cases come with a 1 year warranty.  This warranty will provide you with extended peace of mind when purchasing a Volvo Gearcase from us.

For even more peace of mind, lets talk about money savings.  When purchasing a remanufactured unit, you save a considerable amount of money over purchasing a new unit. Additionally, US Boatworks offers core returns on most units.  By sending back your old core to us, you will receive a credit based on the condition of it.  Ask about our core return program when you call or email us for gear case pricing.

Rest assured,  Insurance claims are always welcome.  Our owner personally handles all insurance claims and is happy to talk with you and your adjuster to get the best deal for you.  He has been replacing outdrives for over 30 years and is happy to help get you back on the water.