Expert Rebuilt Gearcases/Outdrives for Volvo-Penta Sterndrives. US Boatworks – remanufacturing gear cases and Volvo-Penta outdrive parts for over 35 years. Quality you can trust. Quick Shipping. Browse new and rebuilt Volvo engines for sale below.

3855696SX-M Lower (17/30) 2.18 & 1.85 RatioBW34$3,295
3855695SX-M Lower (17/27) 1.97 & 1.66 RatioBW35$3,295
3855694SX-M Lower (17/26) 1.60 RatioBW36$3,295
3855693SX-M Lower (18/26) 1.79 & 1.51 RatioBW37$3,295
3855692SX-M Lower (19/26) 1.43 RatioBW38$3,295
3842606SX-A Lower (17/30) 2.18 RatioBW74$3,295
3842605SX-A Lower (17/27) 1.97 & 1.66 RatioBW75$3,295
3842604SX-A Lower (17/26) 1.60 & 1.89 RatioBW76$3,295
3842603SX-A Lower (18/26) 1.79 & 1.51 RatioBW77$3,295
3842602SX-A Lower (19/26) 1.43 RatioBW78$3,295
3855907DP SM Lower (17/29) 1.78 RatioBW79$5,995
3860765DP SM Lower (16/30) 1.95 & 2.32 RatioBW80$5,995
3842844DPS-A Lower (16/30) 1.95, 2.14 & 2.32 RatioBW81$4,495
3842842DPS-A Lower (17/29) 1.78 & 2.11 RatioBW82$4,495
3857007SX-M Upper (22-23) 1.43,1.51,1.60, 1.66, 1.85BW70$3,195
3857007DPS-M Upper (22-23) 1.68, 1.78, 1.95, 2.30BW70$3,195
3857010SX-M Upper (21/26) 1.79, 1,97, 2.18BW71$3,195
3857010DPS-M Upper (21/26) 2.32BW71$3,195
3842918SX-A Upper (22/23) 1.43, 1.51, 1.60, 1.66BW72$3,095
3842919SX-A Upper (21/26) 1.79, 1.89, 1.97, 2.18BW73$3,095
3842919DPS-A Upper (21/26) 2.11, 2.32BW73$3,095
3842918DPS-A Upper (22/23) 1.68, 1.78, 1.95BW72$3,095

Volvo-Penta Outdrive Replacement


Volvo-Penta is one of the most reliable sterndrive engines you will find today. If you own a Volvo-Penta Sterndrive, you have a quality product that should run for years with some basic maintenance. So, when it comes to replacing a lower unit, do consider maintaining that quality by purchasing the always reliable OEM Lower Unit.

This Volvo Penta Outdrives on this page are made with genuine OEM Volvo-Penta parts and are backed by Volvo’s 1 year warranty. 

When you buy your Volvo gearcase from US Boatworks, you are also eligible to participate in our rebate program. The rebate program is in place so that you can recycle usable parts out of your old, damaged unit.
Simply send your old unit to us using the box we shipped your new drive in.  Upon receipt we will inspect your old Volvo Penta lower unit parts and credit you back based upon the condition of that old unit.  You can more details on our Core Rebate Page.

Please call to order your Volvo Penta Gearcase now. You can also send us and email if its after hours and we will get right back to you.