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Lower Unit Remanufactured - Rebuilt Gear Cases 

Offering a wide variety of Rebuilt Lower Units for many boat motor brands:

  • Boat Lower Units – Gear Cases & Lower units for outboard motors.
  • Upper Driveshaft Assembly, Lower Driveshaft Outdrives for Sterndrives
  • Remanufactured Gear Cases are priced at deep discounts to save you money
  • Rebuilding: Mercury, Mariner, Force, Evinrude, Johnson, Chrysler.
  • Sterndrive Upper & Lower Driveshaft Assembly for Mercruiser, OMC & Volvo-Penta.
  • All remanufactured lower units for sale include a full 1 year warranty.

USBoatworks- Quality Lower Unit Remanufacturing for 40 years.

volvo lower unit sx m #3855696, 2.18 & 1.85 ratio gearcase
We carry parts for Mercury, Mercruiser, OMC,Evinrude, Johnson, Volvo-Penta
1647-9148T84V6, 2.0L To 2.5L, 1.87 RatioBW22$1,995More Info
1647-9148T81V6, 2.0L To 2.5L, 2.00 RatioBW23$1,995More Info
1667-9011J7I-4, 100-125 Hp, 1987-2011, 3 Dog RevBW25$1,995More Info
1667-9011J6I-4, 100-125 Hp, 1987-2011, 6 Dog RevBW25B$1,795More Info
1667-9011J16I-3, 75-90 Hp, 1987-2011, 3 Dog RevBW26$1,995More Info
1667-9011J15I-3, 75-90 Hp, 1987-2011, 6 Dog RevBW26B$1,795More Info
1667-9011G9230 Hp - 50 Hp, 4 Stroke, Big FootBW27$1,795More Info
1682-821306T630 Hp & 40 Hp, 2 Stroke, 2.00 RatioBW30$1,695More Info
1682-821306T2840 Hp & 50 Hp, 2 Stroke, 1.83 RatioBW32$1,695More Info
1671-9760T2550 Hp, 55 Hp, 60 Hp, 2 Stroke, 1.64 RatioBW33$1,695More Info
5004635V6, 2 TAB INTERNAL SCREEN,1991-2011BW55$1,995More Info
5005549V6 MAG 1 LOWERBW56$2,995More Info
5006557V6 MAG 1 LOWERBW56-1$2,995More Info
5000356V4,2 PC DRIVE SHAFT, INTERNAL SCREEN, 1978-1994BW58A$1,795More Info
5004632V4,2 PC Drive Shaft, External Screen, 1995-2003BW58B$1,895More Info
5009332V4 S2 2:1 RATIO LOWERBW58C-1$2,495More Info
5009334V4 S2 2:1 RATIO LOWERBW58C$2,495More Info
5005744V4, Large Housing, 1991-2007. Fits OEM #s 5009318, 5005744, 5009338, 5008336BW59$1,995More Info
5009338V4 Large Housing 1991-2007BW59-1$1,995More Info
4326243CYL, Fine Spline ,1989-1999, 60-70 HpBW60$1,695More Info
3967303CYL, Course Spline, 1978-1988, 60-70 HpBW60A$1,695More Info
4352772CYL, 40 Hp- 50 Hp, 1989-1992BW61$1,795More Info
4352802CYL, 40 Hp- 50 Hp, 1993-2005, 2 StrokeBW62$1,895More Info

2CYL, 40-60 HP, ETEC, 2004-2014. OEM #5009330 & 5006425

BW64$2,495More Info
50093642 Cycle, 40-60 HP, ETEC, 2015 - NewerBW65$ 2,795More Info
50097582 Cycle, 40-60 HP, ETEC, 2015 - NewerBW65-1$ 2,795More Info
1667-9011G81120 Hp, 3 Dog Reverse, 1995-1999BW25$1,995More Info
1667-9011G80120 Hp, 6 Dog Reverse, 1995-1999BW25B$1,795More Info
1667-9011G7590 Hp, 3 Dog Reverse, 1995-1999BW26$1,995More Info
1667-9011G7490 Hp, 6 Dog Reverse, 1995-1999BW26B$1,795More Info
1600-820588T185-150 Hp, 2 Piece D-Shaft 1989-1994BW28$1,995More Info
1600-819123T870-75 Hp, 1991-1998BW29$1,995More Info
1682-821306T640-50 Hp, 1995-1999BW30$1,695More Info
1600-819516A240-50 Hp, 1984-1994BW31$1,195More Info
1623-815822A53Alpha One, Gen 2 , 1991-2011BW1$1,695More Info
1623-8951A43Alpha One, 1984-1990, # 8951A43BW2$1,695More Info
1547-861063A12Alpha One Gen 2, 1.50 (20/22) 1991-2012, # 861063A12BW6B$1,495More Info
1547-861063A10Alpha One Gen 2, 1.65, 1991-2012, # 861063A10BW7B$1,495More Info
1547-861063A8Alpha One Gen 2,1.84 (17/19) 1991-2012, # 861063A8BW8B$1,495More Info
1547-861063A6Alpha One Gen 2, 1.98, 1991-2012, # 861063A6BW9B$1,495More Info
3855696SX-M Lower (17/30) 2.18 & 1.85 RatioBW34$3,495More Info
3855695SX-M Lower (17/27) 1.97 & 1.66 RatioBW35$3,495More Info
3855694SX-M Lower (17/26) 1.60 RatioBW36$3,495More Info
3855693SX-M Lower (18/26) 1.79 & 1.51 RatioBW37$3,495More Info
3855692SX-M Lower (19/26) 1.43 RatioBW38$3,495More Info
3842606SX-A Lower (17/30) 2.18 RatioBW74$3,395More Info
3842605SX-A Lower (17/27) 1.97 & 1.66 RatioBW75$3,395More Info
3842604SX-A Lower (17/26) 1.60 & 1.89 RatioBW76$3,395More Info
3842603SX-A Lower (18/26) 1.79 & 1.51 RatioBW77$3,395More Info
3842602SX-A Lower (19/26) 1.43 RatioBW78$3,395More Info
3855907DP SM Lower (17/29) 1.78 RatioBW79$5,995More Info
3860765DP SM Lower (16/30) 1.95 & 2.32 RatioBW80$5,995More Info
3842844DPS-A Lower (16/30) 1.95, 2.14 & 2.32 RatioBW81$4,995More Info
3842842DPS-A Lower (17/29) 1.78 & 2.11 RatioBW82$4,995More Info
3857007SX-M Upper (22-23) 1.43,1.51,1.60, 1.66, 1.85BW70$3,295More Info
3857007DPS-M Upper (22-23) 1.68, 1.78, 1.95, 2.30BW70$3,295More Info
3857010SX-M Upper (21/26) 1.79, 1,97, 2.18BW71$3,295More Info
3857010DPS-M Upper (21/26) 2.32BW71$3,295More Info
3842918SX-A Upper (22/23) 1.43, 1.51, 1.60, 1.66BW72$3,195More Info
3842918DPS-A Upper (22/23) 1.68, 1.78, 1.95BW72$3,195More Info
3842919SX-A Upper (21/26) 1.79, 1.89, 1.97, 2.18BW73$3,195More Info
3842919DPS-A Upper (21/26) 2.11, 2.32BW73$3,195More Info
987800Cobra Lower V6, V8, 4 CYL, 1990-1993BW44$1,995More Info
987242800 Manual Lower Less Cable AssemblyBW46$2,095More Info
986669Cobra Lower Small Housing 4CYLBW45$1,795More Info
983505400 Manual Lower Less Cable AssemblyBW47$1,795More Info
987064Cobra Upper Unit 21:21 Thru 93BW40$1,995More Info
986380Cobra Upper Unit 21:19 THRU 93BW41$1,995More Info
986382Cobra Upper Unit 21:18 THRU 93BW42$1,995More Info
986381Cobra Upper Unit 21:16Thru 93BW43$1,995More Info
mercury ej omc volvo force mariner mercruiser

Remanufacturing Lower Units with OEM Parts

When your boat lower unit starts experiences issues or is damaged from impact, replacing it with a brand new one can often end up being very costly. But did you know that there’s a more cost-effective solution? Remanufactured lower units, also sometimes referred to as rebuilt lower units, offer a great alternative! They’re essentially lower units that have been put through a rigorous remanufacturing process to ensure they match the performance of brand new units, at a fraction of the cost.

During the remanufacturing process we follow a series of important steps to insure we build the best quality lower unit on the market. Those steps include disassembling, cleaning, replacing worn-out parts and components and then reassembling the unit.
It’s important to note that the quality of remanufactured lower units will differ based the remanufacturing procedure used among other producers. So, it’s vital to purchase from a trustworthy and reliable source and to read through reviews from other boaters who’ve had experience with the remanufactured units.

Apart from the significant cost savings, opt for remanufactured lower units because they are eco-friendly. By recycling used parts, remanufactured lower units help reduce waste, making them a sustainable choice for your boating needs. So, be rest assured that remanufactured lower units provide a fantastic opportunity to save money while delivering the performance you require for your boat!

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