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Volvo DPSM Now In Stock

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Volvo DPSM Now In Stock

dpsm back in stock

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It’s been a long wait for Volvo-Penta to manufacture their DPSM complete outdrive and DPSM lower unit. Volvo-Penta stopped producing these units in 2021 with no details as to when they would be made again. So now, after over 24 months on backorder, production started up at the Volvo-Penta factory. We recently received both of these products and have already received orders from clients eager to get their Volvo-Penta sterndrive boats back on the water.

Customers have been frustrated with the delay of the DPSM drives and lower units and understandably so. The DPSM sterndrive is popular and therefore there is a huge demand to replace it with a high quality OEM unit. Loyal Volvo-Penta customers realize that the quality they receive when purchasing genuine Volvo products cannot be duplicated so many chose to wait on the sidelines while Volvo navigated the manufacturing disruption that plagued DPSM units.

The products just released from backorder are both the DPSM complete outdrive which comprises of both the upper and lower pieces and the DPSM lower unit.

As for this complete outdrive, they come in two different gear ratios, the 1.78 and the 1.95 ratios. The part numbers for these units are 3868912 for the DPSM Sterndrive 1.78 and 3868913 for the DPSM Sterndrive 1.95 penta dp sm outdrive 3868913

The other major release, the lower only, comes in the same two gear ratios, the 1.78 and 1.95 ratio plus the 2.32 ratio. The part numbers for the 1.78 DPSM lower unit is 3855907 and the part number for the 1.95 and 2.32 ratio DPSM lower unit is 3860765.

You can order these items directly on our website by following the “shop now”Show Boat Parts Now links below. Alternatively, you can call us for more information. We are happy to discuss your specific motor and determine the exact replacement outdrive or lower unit to fit your application. Spending $9,000 on a purchase requires due diligence to insure you are getting the best quality part for your hard earned money so we are happy to spend time helping you with that process. Our team is well trained on Volvo-Penta products and can recommend a great solution for you.

3868912 DP-SM Complete Drive, 1.78 Ratio Show Boat Parts Now
3868913 DP-SM Complete Drive, 1.95 Ratio Show Boat Parts Now
3860765 DP-SM Lower 16/30, 1.95 & 2.32 Ratio Show Boat Parts Now
3855907 DP-SM Lower (17/29) 1.78 Ratio Show Boat Parts Now