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Making this mistake could cost you thousands of dollars

Making this mistake could cost you thousands of dollars

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There may be things in life you can skimp on to save you money but the following scenario can end up costing you thousands of dollars down the road. You see, many do-it-yourselfers perform basic maintenance on their boat motors throughout the season. Most of these simple projects turn out well and save both time and money over bringing your boat to your dealer for service. In fact, we welcome the do-it-yourselfer and would love to help you with your boat parts purchase, however, performing this maintenance chore discussed below incorrectly could have dire consequences.

Boat winterization is a very important service in areas of the country that experience hard freezes. Failure to winterize properly can result in a cracked block which cost thousands to replace. Your insurance will not cover cracked blocks as a result of improper winterizing. Our recommendation is to take your sterndrive to a true authorized dealer for winterize service.

Having a high-quality, qualified repair shop winterize your boat limits your responsibility if freezing damage occurs.  If you live in the Kansas City area, call us  at 913-342-0011 to have your boat professionally winterized by our trained marine mechanics. An Authorized Dealer, we invest time and money getting our mechanics trained and certified to perform all types of service and repair on your motor.

Please call now to schedule your service, 913-342-0011.