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This mistake results in costly boat repairs!

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This mistake results in costly boat repairs!

E15 -15% Ethanol-NOT FOR YOUR BOAT!

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Watch what you put in your gas tank this summer!

Planning a fun day out on the lake requires planning and preparation. Most boaters are thinking of food, drinks, sunscreen, water toys and fishing poles. Proper gasoline purchased at the pump usually doesn’t make the list of things to plan for however, it can be the difference between enjoying a trouble-free outing on the lake vs and a ruined vacation with grumpy friends and family stuck on the shore.

The Biden Administration has recently approved the sale of gasoline with 15% ethanol (E15) beginning June 1. Typically E15 sales during summer months are prohibited, in part because of its contributions to air pollution and potential damage to your engine. Watch this video for more information… and decide for yourself if this is a good idea or not. No matter which side of the isle you land regarding fossil fuels and alternatives, be warned, E15 is not for all engines!

You see, E15 gasoline is prohibited by federal law for use in boat engines and voids many engine warranties. Ethanol has also been known to be corrosive to metal fuel tanks and engine components. This corrosive activity will cause you headaches down the line if not immediately so watch what you put in your engine and consider choosing ethanol free gasoline for your boat motor.

Read our blog on how to protect your engine from the harmful effects of ethanol should some sneak into your tank.