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Ethanol Vs Your Boat Engine

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Ethanol Vs Your Boat Engine

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Planning a fun day out on the lake requires planning and preparation. Most boaters are thinking of food, drinks, sunscreen, water toys and fishing poles. Marine fuel stabilizer usually doesn’t make the list of things to plan for however, it can be the difference between enjoying a trouble-free outing on the lake vs and a ruined vacation with grumpy friends and family stuck on the shore.

The boating season is quickly approaching and it will soon be time for to soak up the sun, feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy time on the water with friends and family. Regularly maintaining a boat is key to making sure your engine runs optimally and trouble free for years. While maintenance doesn’t seem pressing and is tempting to skip, failing to do so can leave you on the sidelines with costly repairs down the road.

A good marine fuel stabilizer is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your engine running at optimally. Boaters run into problems when purchasing gas with ethanol blend included in the mix. Ethanol in your gas can lead to starting issues or can even leave you stranded in the water.

Spending a few dollars on a boat fuel stabilizer now will save you money and headaches down the road.

Marine Gasoline Engines vs Ethanol

Some marinas and gas stations carry ethanol-free gasoline but it can be a challenge to find these days. Ethanol is blended into pump gas and is fine when you are filling up your automobile, but your boat engine may not love it.

Ethanol problems are seen with both starting and performance issues. You see, ethanol pulls the moisture out of the air inside your fuel tank. As water collects in your gas tank, of course you get separation between the water/ethanol and gas. It makes sense that this separation will cause problems with starting your motor & performance of your motor. Also, the separated mixture interferes with lubricants which can cause significant damage as it makes its way through the engine. Ethanol is a solvent and can damage internal parts of your fuel system especially the plastics and rubber components.

How Marine Fuel Stabilizer Helps

A good fuel stabilizer additive will protect your fuel system against the harmful effects of ethanol. Fuel stabilizers are made to prevent the fuel separation discussed above. Also, fuel stabilizers help prevent the formation of harsh chemicals that damage the internal parts of your fuel system.

Mercury Marine Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer is your answer to the ethanol problem. It’s designed to protect the vital components of your engine. You can use it throughout the season as a fuel additive and you can use it at the end of the season to protect your gas as it sits for long periods of time.

Protect your engine now with Mercury Precision Care Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer. Buy genuine OEM Mercury Marine products from US Boatworks. Keeping you on the water for over 35 years.

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