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What Info is Needed to Order Boat Engine Parts?

What Info is Needed to Order Boat Engine Parts?

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When you are in need of boat parts to get your repair going on your outboard or sterndrive motor, some basic information is needed beyond a description of the part. Of course having the OEM boat part number is the easiest way to get the exact part you need but often times boaters do not have that exact part number. Even if you have the broken part in hand, the number may not be on the part or you could have an aftermarket boat part which won’t get you very far.

So, if you don’t have the boat part #, the next best piece of information needed when buying boat engine parts is the outboard or sterndrive serial # or model #. Manufacturers vary on how they do parts look up so if you can find both the serial # and model # you will be in business.

Where to find your serial # or model #

The information below walks you through where to locate your # based on your engine manufacturer.  Once you locate your model # or serial #, take a picture of your information plate so you have it with you at all times.