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Dangers of Skipping an Outboard Fresh Water Flush

Go To Videos How to perform an outboard fresh water flush Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably down the road. Mercury Marine recommends that you perform a fresh water flush each time your take your boat out. The flush does just what it says, […]

How to Change an Outboard Fuel Filter

Genuine Mercury Marine Fuel Filter

Go To Videos Learn how to change a Mercury Outboard Fuel Filter Maintaining your outboard provides a peace of mind knowing that your motor will function efficiently and reliably. Mercury Marine recommends that you inspect and change your fuel filter at least every 100 & 300 hours. You may need to do this more frequently […]

Changing Lower Unit Gear Lube in a Mercury Outboard

QuickSilver Gear Lube

Lower Unit Gear Lube Change in a Mercury Outboard Maintaining your Mercury outboard lower unit provides a peace of mind knowing that your boat’s motor will function efficiently when out for a day on the water. Mercury lower unit lube changes are an important part of maintaining an outboard motor. Changing the lower unit oil […]

How to change oil for a Mercury Outboard

Watch this video learn how to change your outboard engine oil.
Mercury Marine recommends that you change your oil at least every 100 & 300 hours. Of course, change the oil more frequently as needed.

Do I need to replace my boat water pump?

Mercury Quicksilver Impeller

Why is a water pump important? Outboard water pumps and sterndrive water pumps are very important to your engine because they circulate water through the engine, keeping it cool to prevent overheating. Find tips on replacing your water pump for outboard motors below. Why is it important change an outboard water pump? Since a water pump […]

Boat Motor Spring Maintenance

Kids with lifejackets

It’s finally here.  Time to get your boat out of storage, dust off that cover and begin your spring boat motor maintenance. So the question is, are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you bring your boat in for annual boat spring maintenance.  The good news is that US Boatworks supports you no matter which option […]

Spring Boat Maintenance Tips

Quicksilver Girl with Dad Oil Change

The calendar says it’s almost spring yet the 40 degree temps make it seem like a distant dream.  As we just entered the month of April, its time to think about getting your boat out of storage and begin your spring boat maintenance.  So, if you ask yourself, “do I need to perform boat maintenance?”   or […]

Ethanol Vs Your Boat Engine

Picture of bottle of Mercury Marine quickstor 8m0047932 fuel stabilizer

Planning a fun day out on the lake requires planning and preparation. Most boaters are thinking of food, drinks, sunscreen, water toys and fishing poles. Marine fuel stabilizer usually doesn’t make the list of things to plan for however, it can be the difference between enjoying a trouble-free outing on the lake vs and a […]

What Info is Needed to Order Boat Engine Parts?

omcpart 640x360 1

When you are in need of boat parts to get your repair going on your outboard or sterndrive motor, some basic information is needed beyond a description of the part. Of course having the OEM boat part number is the easiest way to get the exact part you need but often times boaters do not […]

Boat Maintenance Checklist

Family having fun on water

Spring is officially here & it’s time to think about dusting that boat off and getting it in top running shape.  The warm weather will be here soon & you want to be ready so you don’t miss a minute out on the water. Here are some boat engine tips and other things to check […]

Outboard Maintenance Schedule

Outboard oil change kit 825x360 1

So you haven’t kept up on your outboard boat engine maintenance?  Perhaps you were not aware that maintenance is required or you have no idea where you stored the owners manual to dig into the details. If you need some tips for outboard maintenance, you came to the right place.   Regular boat engine maintenance […]

Checklist: Boat Maintenance

Summer is finally here.  The sun is shining and bringing with it warm temperatures.  Clearly you will want to be out enjoying these summer days and what better way to do it than getting out on the water?  Before you take your boat out, it’s a good idea to make sure your sterndrive engine or outboard motor is […]


Dad and daughter fishing

May is here already and the kids will be out of school before we know it.  Memorial Day is around the corner. Its time to think about getting your boat out of storage and begin your spring boat maintenance. So, if you find yourself asking, “do I really need to perform boat maintenance?”   or […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Boat Engine Maintenance

9 9ProKicker NitroLifstyle 6 300x169 1

Have you been putting off your recommended Mercury outboard maintenance? Are you simply not sure of what to do? Maybe you are dreading dragging out the engine manual or doing your internet research? Can you even find your engine manual? For anyone who can identify with the above, this article is for you! Regular boat […]

Boat Maintenance Checklist

9 9ProKicker NitroLifstyle 6 300x169 1

Spring is here and the sun and warm temperatures are not far behind.  Soon you will want to be out enjoying the sunshine and what better way to do it than to hit the lake? Before you make your first trip to the lake this year, it’s a good idea to make sure your engine is top […]

Act Now -10% Off Boat Parts

Save $20 off $100

Spring break in Kansas City is winding down & St. Patrick’s Day is near.  We are all looking forward to those warm summer months out on the lake with family and friends. Smart boaters know that successful days on the water require preparation.  The key component of that preparation that is boat maintenance. Are you ready […]

Open Saturdays

134235805 yes we re open sign isolated

It finally happened just like it does every year.  Freezing temperatures left us and  spring is in the air.  Like clockwork as soon as it warms up, our phones start ringing off the hook and customers line up to get their boats ready for the season.  Since you need us, we are now open on Saturdays beginning March 3rd. […]

Why you need Fuel Additives for your Boat Engine

Mercury Recommend Fuel Care

Old, untreated gasoline in your boat motor can impact your engine’s performance. Over time old gasoline turns into sludge which can deposit in your carburetor, injectors and fuel lines. These deposits can harm your engine. Treating your fuel can prevent gunk in your tank and fuel lines and remove any current deposits in your motor. We always recommend […]

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Month

Duck Boat Mercury Outboard

October has been declared National Hunting and Fishing Month by US. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.  Zinke is a proponent of hunting and fishing and looks to expand these activities in our National Parks. He notes in an article on the Kansas Wildlife Federation Website, that hunters and anglers play a huge part in conservation […]

The best oil for your Mercury Outboard

Genuine Mercury Oil

Motor oil for 2 and 4 stroke engines is readily available at discount stores or automotive stores.  The price is slightly cheaper than the OEM boat engine oil so we often get the question:  “Can I safely use aftermarket or generic oil in my outboard motor?” Always use Brand Name OEM Oil for your motor. The […]