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The Truth About Replacement Gearcases

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The Truth About Replacement Gearcases

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I want to address a big problem in our industry that no one is telling you about.  The reason for this article is to clear up confusion when it comes to selecting a replacement gearcase.  You see, not all gear cases are made the same and just because the price tag is lower doesn’t necessarily mean that you are saving money in the long run.  The trouble is, it is impossible to see what is on the inside & even if you could see inside, would you know what you are looking at? Ultimately, what is inside that makes all the difference & since you can’t see inside, selecting a reliable rebuilder with an outstanding reputation is the most important factor when choosing a remanufacturer.

US Boatworks has been rebuilding lower units for over 30 years.  Our mechanics are Mercury, Mercruiser, OMC, Evinrude, Volvo certified and have been remanufacturing gear cases for over 30 years. Lower Units are our specialty so I thought we could take a look at the gear cases and lower unit parts in our parts room.  The parts reviewed below are the components that go into our remanufactured replacement lower units gearcases.  The benefits of buying remanufactured lower unit are that you save significant amount of money over buying a new OEM gear case.  You can rest assured that our remanufactured lower units are always built to the strictest OEM standards.

Here is a look at our Lower Units Inventory.  First up are Mercuriser Uppers in stock, ready to ship.

Mercruiser Sterndrives

Shown next, are some of our Mercruiser Gearcases.  These gear cases are remanufactured to the latest manufacturer specifications to allow for an excellent quality lower unit.  Mercruiser Uppers on the bottom rack and Mercruiser Lower Units on the top rack.

Mercruiser Sterndrives

As we continue to journey through our enormous parts room,  we find Evinrude  and Mercury Lower Units.

Lower Units

The last two racks pictured here are OMC Lower Unit parts and Volvo Sterndrive Gear Case components Lower Unit Parts    Lower Unit Parts

The pictures above are a small sampling of the huge lower unit inventory at US Boatworks.  Visit our Lower Units page to buy Mercruiser Sterndrive gearcases, Mercury Lower Units, Evirnude Lower Units, Johnson Lower Units, Mariner Lower Units, Force Lower Units, and Volvo Penta Lower Units. Choose US Boatworks, the most reliable gearcase rebuilder around. We will keep you out on the water!