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We are on a Mission!

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We are on a Mission!

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FourStroke 40 60hp BigFoot Gearcase
Four Stroke Big Foot Gearcase Drawing

We are a company on a mission to help boaters select the best replacement gearcase available.  While some boat shops will sell you an unreliable piece of garbage to get your sale, we won’t stand for inferior products.  Our mission is to be sure our buyers are educated about their lower unit choices so they can pick the best product for their needs and budget.  In this article I will discuss the three replacement choices and let you decide.

You may have been through this already, but if you haven’t beware – there are new, replacement, non-oem lower units on the market selling for very cheap prices.  The saying goes – “you get what you pay for” and that may be true in this case.  On the plus side, some of these non-oem products offer excellent warranties but what they can’t replace is your missed outings on the boat while you fix or replace the cheap one you purchased.  They can’t replace your time towing the boat back to shore (think headache), time taking the boat to your repair shop and time following up with your shop to get your boat back on the water.  Also, most of these warranties do not cover labor to have your repair shop diagnose and re-install a new unit. So again, buyer beware that while cheap, these units are not very reliable.

Next up on our education tour is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer)  unit.  This unit is made by your motor manufacturer (ie. Volvo, Mercury, Evinrude) and will contain original OEM parts.  Of course, with new OEM parts, this product will be the most expensive of the three replacement choices. Quality manufacturing is a guarantee and the unit will come with a nice warranty.  Warranties will vary by manufacturer so please check with a knowledgeable dealer regarding the warranty.

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Remanufactured Gearcase

The third and final choice is a rebuilt or remanufactured gearcase.  This unit should be built by quality, trained mechanics with OEM parts.  These units offer the best of both worlds, giving you OEM parts, a unit assembled by trained mechanics in the USand a nice price savings over new OEM units.  This option is the preferred choice of most boaters.

If you are looking for a reputable remanufacture of lower units, check out USBoatworks in Kansas City.  We have been in the Replacement Drive business for over 30 years and know your motor inside and out. We offer personalized service and will get your unit to you with the exact specifications needed.  Insurance claims are always welcome there.  Our owner personally handles all insurance claims and is happy to talk with you and your adjuster to get the best deal for you.  We have been replacing outdrives for over 30 years.
Call us at 913-342-0011 or email us for more info.

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