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Non-OEM Gearcases: good, the bad, the ugly


The Non-OEM, Aftermarket Gearcase   There are new, replacement, non-OEM lower units on the market selling for very cheap prices.  Prices so good they are too good to be true! The saying goes – “you get what you pay for” and that just may be the case.  On the plus side, some of these aftermarket […]

The Truth about Gearcase Replacement

Boy repairing Mercruiser Sterndrive

Replacing a damaged gearcase is one of the most common and most expensive repairs boaters can encounter.  It’s a common repair because the lower unit is easily damaged by hitting hidden objects underwater.  Sometimes after hitting an object underwater, the damage may not be totally obvious.  The problem is that a small bend in your […]

Score Some Cash -Send Us Your Core

Get & back, recycle boat lower

The busy summer season is dwindling down giving us a chance to remind gearcase customers to cash in on the core refund. Customers who purchase a lower unit from US Boatworks are eligible for a refund when you return a good core back to us.  If you are one of those customers, send your core back to […]

The Truth About Replacement Gearcases

Mercruiser Uppers scaled

I want to address a big problem in our industry that no one is telling you about.  The reason for this article is to clear up confusion when it comes to selecting a replacement gearcase.  You see, not all gear cases are made the same and just because the price tag is lower doesn’t necessarily mean […]

We are on a Mission!

FourStroke 40 60hp BigFoot Gearcase

We are a company on a mission to help boaters select the best replacement gearcase available.  While some boat shops will sell you an unreliable piece of garbage to get your sale, we won’t stand for inferior products.  Our mission is to be sure our buyers are educated about their lower unit choices so they can […]

I Damaged My Lower Unit – Now What?

Damaged Prop = Damaged Gears?

Tips & recommendations for replacing your gearcase lower unit. It happens – just plain bad luck – hitting an underwater tree stump, rock or other invisible debris and your boat lower unit is shot.  After you get towed safely back to shore and have a chance to regroup, what are your next action steps?  We […]

Announcing our new Volvo-Penta DPS-A Upper

Volvo Penta brand logo

US Boatworks now proudly remanufactures the Volvo-Penta DPS-A upper unit gearcase in several different configurations.  Our rebuilding department has been hard at work remanufacturing quality Volvo Sterndrive Housings in several different specifications to meet your needs: DPS-A UPPER  (22/23) 1.68 RATIO, OEM#3842918 DPS-A UPPER (22/23) 1.78 RATIO, OEM#3842918 DPS-A UPPER (22/23) 1.95 RATIO, OEM#3842918 DPS-A UPPER (21/26) 2.11 RATIO, […]

Introducing Our New Volvo-Penta DPS-A Lower Unit

Volvo Penta Genuine Parts

US Boatworks now proudly carries the hard to find Volvo Penta DPS-A gear case in several different configurations.  Our remanufacture department has been hard at work this winter to make the quality Volvo Sterndrive Housings in the following specifications: DPS-A LOWER (17/29) 1.78 RATIO, OEM#3842842 DPS-A LOWER (17/29) 2.11 RATIO, OEM#3842842 DPS-A LOWER (16/30) 1.95 […]

Tips for Replacing your Outboard Lower Unit

The main part of the lower unit of an outboard motor is really nothing more than the gear case. The gear case is also known as the “business end” of the boat lower unit. When most boaters talk about changing the lower unit they are talking about disconnecting the speedometer cable, removing the gear case, […]

Our Most Popular Seller – The Evinrude Gear Case

Mercury Lower Unit 1667-9011G90

Our #1 Seller – The Evinrude Lower Unit Evinrude Lower Units are a big seller at US Boatworks where we specialize in gearcase rebuilding. Let’s take a look at why we are a leader in the the lower unit remanufacturing arena. US Boatoworks has been in the replacement drive business for 30 years and we […]