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Boy repairing Mercruiser Sterndrive

Temperatures have remained above freezing so far here in the Midwest.  Most boaters have already brought their boat in for boat winterization services due to the cold snap we had last night.  If you have not winterized your boat yet, get down to our shop to winterize sooner rather than later.  As soon as news […]

Why Should I Choose a Remanufactured Gearcase?

Rebuilt Mercruiser Outdrive

This is the final article of my Gearcase Replacement Education Series and I have saved the best for last.  In this article, I will discuss REMANUFACTURED GEARCASES. The in & outs, pros & cons, the good & bad…you get the idea. A rebuilt or remanufactured unit must meet two very important criteria: 1) it must be built by quality […]

The Truth about Gearcase Replacement

Boy repairing Mercruiser Sterndrive

Replacing a damaged gearcase is one of the most common and most expensive repairs boaters can encounter.  It’s a common repair because the lower unit is easily damaged by hitting hidden objects underwater.  Sometimes after hitting an object underwater, the damage may not be totally obvious.  The problem is that a small bend in your […]

Checklist: Boat Maintenance

Summer is finally here.  The sun is shining and bringing with it warm temperatures.  Clearly you will want to be out enjoying these summer days and what better way to do it than getting out on the water?  Before you take your boat out, it’s a good idea to make sure your sterndrive engine or outboard motor is […]

How Do I Clean My Boat?

Rinsing Boat

Your new beautiful boat sparkles in the sun the first few months.  As time goes on, residue and minerals build up and the sun begins to fade surfaces.  Proper care and cleaning of your boat’s exterior is not quite as important as keeping your boat engine running in top shape but a clean boat, free of build […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Boat Engine Maintenance

9 9ProKicker NitroLifstyle 6 300x169 1

Have you been putting off your recommended Mercury outboard maintenance? Are you simply not sure of what to do? Maybe you are dreading dragging out the engine manual or doing your internet research? Can you even find your engine manual? For anyone who can identify with the above, this article is for you! Regular boat […]

This Fatal Flaw in Boat Safety Could Have Dire Consequences

family boating

    Planning for a day out on the lake can take some time.  The most skilled planner will have lists of items to buy before the trip, items to bring in the car for the ride to the lake and a list of items to go on the boat.  Of course we remember the […]

I Damaged My Lower Unit – Now What?

Damaged Prop = Damaged Gears?

Tips & recommendations for replacing your gearcase lower unit. It happens – just plain bad luck – hitting an underwater tree stump, rock or other invisible debris and your boat lower unit is shot.  After you get towed safely back to shore and have a chance to regroup, what are your next action steps?  We […]