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The Truth About Replacement Gearcases #5

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The Truth About Replacement Gearcases #5

Table of Contents

The Best Gearcase Replacement

Welcome to part 5 of Gearcase Education.  The previous articles have reviewed common gearcase terminology and discussed the three ways you can replace your lower unit.  Those were:

  • Purchasing a New Aftermarket Gearcase made overseas
  • Buying a New OEM Gearcase from your motor manufacturer
  • Selecting a rebuilt lower unit from a reputable re-manufacturer

So now you have the knowledge and can decide for yourself what unit is best for you.  

Whatever you do, if you think you have damage to your lower unit but are hoping that it will be okay if you ignore the problem, know that internal damage to your unit may not be noticeable right away.  Slightly damaged gears may seem to work fine at first but over time the off-kilter gears will wear away and cause eventual failure.  We recommend you have your motor diagnosed thoroughly to determine if you have internal damage.

If you are looking for a knowledgable boat shop to work with to purchase your gearcase, consider USBoatworks. We have been in the Replacement Drive business for over 35 years and know your motor inside and out. Our personalized service will get your unit to you with the exact specifications you need. Call us for pricing at 913-342-0011 or send us a message.  

Remember to contact your insurance company before you buy. Insurance claims are always welcome at USBoatworks.  I personally handle all insurance claims and am happy to talk with you and your adjuster to get the best deal for you. 


To get the best replacement gearcase around, be sure to check out our products at:

If you have any questions, please let me know by sending a email to

Call Us: 913-342-0011
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