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The Truth About Replacement Gearcases #4

Rebuilt Volvo Lower DP-SA #3842844

Quality Remanufactured Lower Units Welcome to part 4 of our gearcase education course. In the previous articles, we reviewed both the OEM Lower Unit and the Non-OEM Lower Unit. In this article, we have a frank discussion about the rebuilt gearcase. So let’s get to it. A rebuilt or remanufactured unit takes the outer shell […]

The Truth About Gearcase Replacement #3

Mercury OEM Lower Unit 859399T14

The Case for a NEW OEM Gearcase Welcome to part 3 of our Gearcase Education Course. In the previous article, we discussed New Non-OEM Gearcases which tend to be inferior in quality but can save you money in the short term. Next up on our lower unit tour is the new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) […]

The Truth About Gearcase Replacement #2

The Case for Non-OEM Gearcases In my first article we reviewed the basic components of a gearcase to give us a good understanding of what goes into your unit. So in this article, we start with a look at one of the gearcase replacement choices – the Non-OEM Gearcase. You may have been through this already, […]

The Truth About Gearcase Replacement

FourStroke 40 60hp BigFoot Gearcase

Gearcase Replacement Course Thanks for checking out my crash course on REPLACEMENT GEARCASES. My name is Mike Tracy, the owner and founder of US Boatworks. We are a company on a mission to help boaters select the best replacement gearcase available. My goal for this course is to provide you with all the information needed to […]

The Truth about Gearcase Replacement

Boy repairing Mercruiser Sterndrive

Replacing a damaged gearcase is one of the most common and most expensive repairs boaters can encounter.  It’s a common repair because the lower unit is easily damaged by hitting hidden objects underwater.  Sometimes after hitting an object underwater, the damage may not be totally obvious.  The problem is that a small bend in your […]