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The Truth About Gearcase Replacement #3

The Truth About Gearcase Replacement #3

Mercury OEM Lower Unit 859399T14

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The Case for a NEW OEM Gearcase

Welcome to part 3 of our Gearcase Education Course.

In the previous article, we discussed New Non-OEM Gearcases which tend to be inferior in quality but can save you money in the short term. Next up on our lower unit tour is the new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) unit.

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OEM Lower Unit by Mercury Marine

A new OEM unit is made by your motor manufacturer (ie. Volvo, Mercury, Evinrude) and will contain original OEM parts.  Of course, with new OEM parts and premium factory labor, this product will be the most expensive of the three replacement choices we cover. Quality manufacturing on a OEM gearcase is a guarantee and the unit will come with a nice warranty.  Warranties will vary by manufacturer so please check with a knowledgeable dealer regarding the warranty.

Generally your dealer will not have the exact OEM gearcase you need in stock since they are expensive and as a result are costly to hold in inventory. Expect about 4 days to wait for your new OEM lower unit to arrive at your dealership and add time for installation if necessary. Once installed, you should have comfort in knowing you selected the best unit available on the market.

Don’t wait for your local dealer to order you an OEM gearcase, US Boatworks stocks some popular units and can ship them out quickly. Check which gearcases we carry and their prices now. We also suggest you call us to double check our inventory, sometimes we have additional OEM drives in stock that are not listed on our website.

In my next article, we’ll be diving into the rebuilt or remanufactured gearcase unit. To read article #4, click here.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please send me an email or call during shop hours. I will respond personally to every email and am happy to talk to you on the phone.

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