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Fishing Gear Checklist

fishing gear checklist

Struggling to remember all the gear you need to bring on your next fishing outing? We have you covered with this handy Fishing Gear Checklist. Here is a rundown on all the fishing gear you need: Additional fishing gear items to consider: If you are taking your boat out to fish, check out our Outboard […]

Where Can I Fish in the Kansas City Area?

LundWC 25hp Fishing 274

The Great Outdoors remains open for all to enjoy and boating is a social distancing-friendly activity for many.  Whether you have a boat or not, fishing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  There are many awesome places to fish in the greater Kansas City area but navigating which lakes and […]

Kansas Right to Fish & Hunt on Ballot In November

mercury 9.9 fishing

If you already completed advanced voting, you may have been surprised to find a proposed amendment regarding the right to hunt and fish in Kansas. This proprosal is taking people by surprise as there has been little talk of it since the main topic of conversation is the presidential election. So what’s this proposal all […]