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Kansas Right to Fish & Hunt on Ballot In November

Kansas Right to Fish & Hunt on Ballot In November

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If you already completed advanced voting, you may have been surprised to find a proposed amendment regarding the right to hunt and fish in Kansas. This proprosal is taking people by surprise as there has been little talk of it since the main topic of conversation is the presidential election. So what’s this proposal all about? What does a yes vote mean? What does a no vote mean? I’ll try to sort it all out below.

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The November 8th, 2016 ballot in Kansas contains a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would give Kansas residents the constitutional right to hunt and fish. As it stands now, it is not a constitutional right.  Currently there are 19 other states that declare the right to fish and hunt as a constitutional right. The NRA is the force behind the passage of this amendment and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism supports this amendment. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is the governing body enforcing fishing, hunting and trapping regulations.

The intention is to look toward the future to protect fishing and hunting from extremists who may be looking to outlaw hunting and fishing entirely. If passed, current regulations will not change. Licenses will still need to be obtained, seasons observed and property boundaries and safety rules respected. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism will continue to regulate fishing, hunting and trapping in Kansas.

So bottom line, a “yes” vote will add the right to hunt, fish and trap to the Kansas Constitution thus further protecting the ability to do so. No regulations change.

A “no” vote will defeat the amendment. Nothing will change about hunting and fishing rights for now.

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