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How to select the right propeller

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How to select the right propeller

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BlackDiamond QA2080RThere are a few important factors that go into when choosing the right propeller for your boat. Because there are so many props to pick from, choosing the right prop on you own is risky.  You must know your performance goals, engine information, and finally pitch to get it right.   

A great option is to use the Mercury Prop Selector Tool.  This tool works for most manufacturers including Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Volvo, Yamaha, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu . It walks you through 4 steps in choosing the right prop the first time. If you choose not to use the tool, this article can still help you choose the right prop.

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Step 1 – Boat Type
First choose your boat type: bass boat, pontoon, ski…

Step 2- Performance
Next, know your performance preferences.
The most important consideration in finding a prop is to know your performance goals.  Are you into high speeds? Expert handling? Fuel Economy? Accelleration? Or maybe you simply want overall good performance?  This short video explains the differences so you get the right propeller the first time.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 12.23.14




A secondary performance consideration is high altitude usage. Your boat will perform differently in high altitudes. If you boat above 3000 feet, you should take this into account.

STEP 3 – Engine Information
Next, simply identify your current engine so that the prop will properly fit on the shaft. This quick video explains where to find your engine information.  There should be a sticker on your transom bracket that identifies your engine year.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 12.45.53




STEP 4- Pitch
The fourth step in the selector process is to select your pitch. You can calculate pitch based on performance, weight or length of your boat. The performance calculation gives you the best prop selection results. If you want find your prop based on performance, the video below explains how to do that by doing some test runs with your boat.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 12.52.06




Once you select your pitch and advance to the results page, you will see several prop options. We recommend you call to review your findings and check our recommendations. We have most props in stock ready for you today.  Additionally, Mercury is offering rebates on propellers through March 27, 2020.  Save up to $100 on propellers – call now!

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