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Avoid this Deadly Combination

Avoid this Deadly Combination

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Happy Birthday America!

This July 4th thousands will flock to the lake to get their boat out on the water.  Often times many hours of preparation have gone into preparing for a trip to the lake.  Such chores include tuning up your boat and even making boat repairs as necessary.  I have posted some tips in a previous article about spring boat engine maintenance and preparation.

So, after all the preparation, shopping an packing, most adults are looking to relax for a few days out on the water.  Relaxing may include drinking alcohol but be aware, boating under the influence can be as deadly as drinking and driving a car.  The Missouri Water Patrol is asking boaters to be vigilant about drinking and driving.  They will be out in full force to keep our boaters safe. So, please discourage drinking and driving if you are in a car or a boat.

USBoatworks is closed on July 4th so our employees can enjoy the holiday.  We are open on July 2nd: 9-5, July 3rd: 9-noon, and July 5: 9-2.  We look forward to seeing you soon.