Which work best? OEM or Generic Fuel Lines

Mercury Outboard w fuel line

Our phone rings continuously with about boat motors not running properly. At times, we try to help our customers trouble shoot the problem over the phone. No sense in bringing a boat in for service if the answer is a quick solution that the owner can handle.
So, when discussing the poor performance complaints, popular problematic symptoms usually include:

-Motor will not start.
-The engine runs fine for a while, but then shuts down and will not restart.
-Loosing power periodically and then when running on plane.

Mercury Outboard w fuel line

When we hear the symptoms above, we will suggest checking for fuel leaks, reviewing all fittings and connectors for leaks and testing the fuel bulb. We also ask if the boat fuel lines have been replaced and if so, what brand has been installed? When the answer is the fuel lines have been replaced by lines purchased at a large discount store, we suggest purchasing OEM fuel lines and installing them with new fittings. The fuel lines from the discount stores last a fraction of that of an OEM line. The quick deterioration of the generic lines often times cause boaters more problems than the money saved up front. Frequent replacing of lines and time lost on the water is far more costly than simply purchasing the OEM lines to begin with. If fuel lines have never been replaced, they still may need to be changed out with new OEM fuel lines to insure fuel can reach the motor with ease.

If you are in need of new fuel lines or fuel related accessories, we can help. Our online parts store allows you to select your motor and review the engine diagrams on the screen. Simply place items from the microfiche drawings in your shopping cart & check out. We usually ship orders the same day so you receive your order quickly.

Bottom line, fuel related problems can sometimes be self diagnosed and fixed at home. We recommend using OEM parts especially with your boat fuel lines and connectors. Should you want us to do the work for you, please call or bring your boat in for Kansas City boat repair or service. There is nothing better than a fun day out on the water with friends and family. We take pride in quality workmanship and will get your motor running in top shape.