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Where can boat repair shops buy OEM boat parts?

Where can boat repair shops buy OEM boat parts?

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Boat repair shops and dealers can buy OEM Boat Parts at a discount with US Boatworks.

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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy for many reasons. So it’s important to support local, small business whenever possible. These small businesses often times face an inventory challenge when it comes to purchasing. The larger certified dealers are able to purchase from their manufacturers directly at wholesale prices. The small guy is locked out of wholesale pricing.

In the boating arena, there are tons of small, one or two man repair shops who are at a disadvantage when it comes to purchasing OEM boat parts. Of course, they can purchase aftermarket parts on Amazon but in an industry where reputation is very important, repair shops should always consider putting OEM boat parts in customer’s boats. After all, a few bad Google reviews due to inferior parts can devastate your business.

Let’s consider the aftermarket fuel pump. Assume you choose an aftermarket fuel pump as your customer could save anywhere from $100-150 over the OEM part. That’s quite a savings but is that a true savings or a gamble that your customer won’t end up stranded in the water when the pump fails prematurely. The saying is true – “you get what you pay for” and in the parts industry, it’s no lie.

So what should a small boat repair shop or dealer do? US Boatworks offers a perfect solution. First off, we stock over 2 million boat parts and ship most orders placed the same day. Next, repair shops and dealers that buy from us regularly can receive discounts on their order. Finally, after your first order we can retain your shipping, billing and payment options for easier ordering. A quick phone call to us at 913-342-0011 will get your order going and out the same day. Also, you have the option of texting us your order or sending it via email.

US Boatworks serves boat repair shops all over the US. We offer friendly service and quick shipping so you get your job done faster. We also specialize in NLA, hard to find boat parts to keep your customers out on the water longer. Check out our NLA boat parts finder by manufacturer then call us to order.

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