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I’m Mad as Heck To See This Senseless Tragedy

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I’m Mad as Heck To See This Senseless Tragedy

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I frequently write about boating safety equipment and fear that my articles are often ignored.  This story is a prime example of why safety measures and warnings should not be ignored.  Proper boating safety saves lives!

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It’s been just over a week since the tragic Duck Boat incident at Table Rock Lake.  Many families lives were ripped apart due to the loss of loved ones during what should have been a nice boating experience.  A thunderstorm with gale force winds flew into the Table Rock Lake area last Thursday and while many boaters quickly headed back to the dock, the duck boat entered the lake and quickly was overcome by wind and high waves.

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Ultimately the boat sank and 17 lives were lost.  Not a single person was wearing life jackets, not even the babies and young children. This is just part of the reason I am so mad. The captain knew about the storms and decided to go out anyway telling passengers they would not need their life jackets.
The other senseless part of this tragedy is not heeding the warning.  Thunderstorms had been predicted up to two hours before the boat sank.  As I said before, the captain knew there were storms coming and still chose to enter the lake. KMBC’s Bryan Busby reflects on how this all could have been prevented in his video. Weather forecasters do their job to keep us safe.  

Our meteorologists have years of training and costly equipment to predict what may happen.  When they predict that conditions are ripe for bad weather and warn us to act appropriately there is valid science behind them.  Most times the warning pass and everyone is safe but not always.  This sad story is a reminder to take all weather warnings seriously.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends affected by this event.  A gofundme page has been started for the Coleman family survivors.