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Evinrude Johnson Lower Units

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Remanufactured Gear Cases for Evinrude Johnson Outboards. 

5004635 V6, 2 TAB INTERNAL SCREEN,1991-2011 $1,595 BW55
5000356 V4,2 PC DRIVE SHAFT, INTERNAL SCREEN, 1978-1994 $1,495 BW58A
5004632 V4,2 PC DRIVE SHAFT, EXTERNAL SCREEN, 1995-2003 $1,495 BW58B
5005744 V4, LARGE HOUSING, 1991-2007 $1,595 BW59
432624 3CYL, FINE SPLINE ,1989-1999, 60-70 HP $1,395 BW60
396730 3CYL, COURSE SPLINE, 1978-1988, 60-70 HP $1,395 BW60A
435277 2CYL, 40 HP- 50 HP, 1989-1992 $1,495 BW61
435280 2CYL, 40 HP- 50 HP, 1993-2005, 2 STROKE $1,495 BW62
433572 2CYL, 40-60 HP, 1976-1988 $1,395 BW63
5006425 2CYL, 40-60 HP, ETEC, 2004-2014 $1,995 BW64
Evinrude Lower Unit

Quality rebuilt Evinrude Johnson lower units have become hard to find. And if one does find lower units for Envirude outboards or Johnson models then the question regarding its quality always remains. It is a growing trend to purchase remanufactured gearcases and parts when it comes to replacing units that are damaged because it is a more cost effective alternative to buying brand new lower units. It also can be difficult to find new gearcases for older outboards and sterndrives as part are both no longer manufactured and their spare parts are no longer available in the market. So, second hand and used boat parts are often times the best option for boat owners looking for parts to replace the damaged lower units. However, with the increase in the number of companies selling remanufactured lower units, it is difficult to tell which company is offering quality parts and which are not.

The easiest way to tackle the quality problem is to take into account customer feedback regarding a company. At US Boatworks, you can rest assured the legitimacy of our reviews. Being involved in this line of work for over 30 years, we have successfully established a good name in the boat parts market. Moreover, our customers speak volumes about our authenticity. We deal with the best quality of used boat parts which cater to the boat models from the 1950s to the present. We have  over 2 million parts available in their vast inventory including Evinrude lower units. These parts come at a reasonable price against their well-maintained and high performance status. So, if you are on the lookout for genuine Evinrude lower unit rebuilds, then look no further than U.S. Boatworks.

You can also choose new aftermarket units or OEM boat parts. To compare the differences in new vs remanufactured lower units, visit our Lower-Units page.