This program allows us to recycle your old unit and keep it out of the landfill. The purpose of a boat core rebate is to give you money back on your old unit should you decide to participate.  Simply return the appropriate core parts using the instructions below. When we receive your old core, we evaluate those parts then refund the appropriate amount to you within 30 days. Please review the full procedures below. 


You have 30 days to participate in our core rebate program.  Complete the Core Rebate form below and return it with a copy of your receipt & the boat core using the original packing box to:

US Boatworks
930 Osage
Kansas City, KS  66105
(913) 342-0011


The components of the lower unit are:

  • the housing
  • vertical drive shaft
  • the horizontal prop-shaft

Core Rebates are determined as follows:

  • 70% of the core value is returned for a defective free housing
  • 15% of the core value is returned for a good drive-shaft
  • 15% of the core value is returned for a good prop-shaft

Thus, if all 3 parts are reusable, 100% of the total rebate will be given.

All of the parts must be present regardless of the condition to be eligible for the rebate.  We retain sole discretion to determine if a core is re-buildable.


(Print & Send with your Core)

Buyer Name         _______________________   Sale Date    ______________

Address                _______________________ Today’s Date ______________

City, State, Zip_______________________________________________________

Email Address   ____________________________ Phone   (___) ___________

Unit Description:   ­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________




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