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BRP Evinrude Johnson Parts on Kibo

BRP Evinrude Johnson Parts on Kibo

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BRP filled boat parts orders for Evinrude, Johnson and OMC parts through Kibo for years. You may also know this product from its older name, Shopatron. This spring, the program came to an abrupt halt leaving customers with bad url links and no forwarding information.

As a supplier of many parts orders for the Kibo program, we noticed over the years that orders were declining. We wonder if the decline was from a lack of marketing effort or if there are simply so many options when buying boat parts that the program was not receiving enough orders.

There is a potential third component in the decline in orders which is the growing presence of aftermarket parts through Amazon. While ordering your boat parts on Amazon is appealing because of price and ease of ordering, many boaters run into costly repairs down the line from using inferior aftermarket parts in their engines.

If you are interested in the best quality Evinrude Johnson or OMC boat parts from BRP, order from the best. US Boatworks stocks over 2 OEM million boat parts and is ready to ship your order today.

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