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US Boatworks Launches Feedback Process

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US Boatworks Launches Feedback Process

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After much consideration and review, US Boatworks launches our website feedback program today.  “We are continually looking for ways to improve our user experience if you are visiting our website or visiting our retail boat shop.  The implementation of this customer feedback program will allow us to make improvements on several levels & will also let us know what we are doing right,” according to Mike Tracy, President.  Clearly US Boatworks has gotten a lot of things right as they are celebrating 30 years in the boat repair and boat parts business.  Each year brings a better customer experience as the Boatworks team continually looks for ways to grow and improve.

US Boatworks strives to bring personal, professional service to everyone whether you are contacting them by phone, email or are visiting the shop.  “One of our biggest challenges is offering that superior customer service during our busiest times.  We want to take our time with each customer to explain their problem and solution but often times all the phone lines are ringing and there are 5 customers in line,” describes Mike Tracy.  Learning to balance the hectic times is what they are currently working on.  “The customer you are waiting on deserves the best service we have to give yet, we hate to make others wait too long as we respect other people’s time.”

Watch for improvements to the website in the months to come.  US Boatworks will evaluate the feedback they get for a period of time and implement changes accordingly.  If you have comments or suggestions, they welcome them.  Visit and look for the “feedback” tab on the right hand side of the page.