About Us

We take boating seriously so you can have fun. We do this by providing quality service, experience and strength. We offer not only the best service department you will find in the Kansas City area, we have the best pricing too. We bend over backwards to see that your boating needs are met – whether you need parts, a new motor or service on your engine, you can count on US Boatworks.

Boat Repair Lower Units/Gearcases Mariner
Boat Repair Clinton Aftermarket Lower Units Mariner Gearcase
Boat Repair Desoto Alpha One Lower Unit Mariner Repair Clinton
Boat Repair Hillsdale Lake Boat Lower Unit Mariner Repair Desoto
Boat Repair Kansas City Bravo 3 Lower Unit Mariner Repair Hillsdale Lake
Boat Repair Lake Lotawana Force Lower Unit Mariner Repair Kansas City
Boat Repair Lake Perry Lower Unit Mariner Repair Lake Lotawana
Boat Repair Lake Quivira Lower Units Mariner Repair Lake Perry
Boat Repair Lake Weatherby Lower Units For Sale Mariner Repair Lake Quivira
Boat Repair Lees Summit New Lower Units Mariner Repair Lake Weatherby
Boat Repair North Kansas City Outboard Lower Unit Mariner Repair Lees Summit
Boat Repair Olathe Outboard Lower Units Mariner Repair North Kansas City
Boat Repair Overland Park Outboard Motor Gearcase Mariner Repair Olathe
Boat Repair Shawnee Outboard Motor Lower Unit Mariner Repair Overland Park
Boat Repair Smithville Mariner Repair Shawnee
Boat Repair Smithville Lake OMC Mariner Repair Smithville
Omc Cobra Lower Unit Mariner Repair Smithville Lake
Boat Service Omc Gearcase
Boat Service Clinton Omc Lower Unit Mercury
Boat Service Desoto Omc Outdrive Mercruiser Alpha One Lower Unit
Boat Service Hillsdale Lake Omc Repair Clinton Mercruiser Lower Unit
Boat Service Kansas City Omc Repair Desoto Mercruiser Repair Clinton
Boat Service Lake Lotawana Omc Repair Hillsdale Lake Mercruiser Repair Desoto
Boat Service Lake Perry Omc Repair Kansas City Mercruiser Repair Hillsdale Lake
Boat Service Lake Quivira Omc Repair Lake Lotawana Mercruiser Repair Kansas City
Boat Service Lake Weatherby Omc Repair Lake Perry Mercruiser Repair Lake Lotawana
Boat Service Lees Summit Omc Repair Lake Quivira Mercruiser Repair Lake Perry
Boat Service North Kansas City Omc Repair Lake Weatherby Mercruiser Repair Lake Quivira
Boat Service Olathe Omc Repair Lees Summit Mercruiser Repair Lake Weatherby
Boat Service Overland Park Omc Repair North Kansas City Mercruiser Repair Lees Summit
Boat Service Shawnee Omc Repair Olathe Mercruiser Repair North Kansas City
Boat Service Smithville Omc Repair Overland Park Mercruiser Repair Olathe
Boat Service Smithville Lake Omc Repair Shawnee Mercruiser Repair Overland Park
Omc Repair Smithville Mercruiser Repair Shawnee
Volvo Omc Repair Smithville Lake Mercruiser Repair Smithville
Volvo Gearcase Omc Stern Drive Mercruiser Repair Smithville Lake
Volvo Lower Unit Omc Sterndrive Mercruiser Sterndrive
Volvo Outdrive Mercury Gearcase
Volvo Penta Lower Unit Evinrude Mercury Lower Unit
Volvo Penta Repair Clinton Evinrude Gearcase Mercury Lower Unit For Sale
Volvo Penta Repair Desoto Evinrude Lower Unit Mercury Lower Units
Volvo Penta Repair Hillsdale Lake Evinrude Lower Units Mercury Lower Units For Sale
Volvo Penta Repair Kansas City Evinrude Repair Clinton Mercury Outboard Lower Unit
Volvo Penta Repair Lake Lotawana Evinrude Repair Desoto Mercury Repair Clinton
Volvo Penta Repair Lake Perry Evinrude Repair Hillsdale Lake Mercury Repair Desoto
Volvo Penta Repair Lake Quivira Evinrude Repair Kansas City Mercury Repair Hillsdale Lake
Volvo Penta Repair Lake Weatherby Evinrude Repair Lake Lotawana Mercury Repair Kansas City
Volvo Penta Repair Lees Summit Evinrude Repair Lake Perry Mercury Repair Lake Lotawana
Volvo Penta Repair North Kansas City Evinrude Repair Lake Quivira Mercury Repair Lake Perry
Volvo Penta Repair Olathe Evinrude Repair Lake Weatherby Mercury Repair Lake Quivira
Volvo Penta Repair Overland Park Evinrude Repair Lees Summit Mercury Repair Lake Weatherby
Volvo Penta Repair Shawnee Evinrude Repair North Kansas City Mercury Repair Lees Summit
Volvo Penta Repair Smithville Evinrude Repair Olathe Mercury Repair North Kansas City
Volvo Penta Repair Smithville Lake Evinrude Repair Overland Park Mercury Repair Olathe
Volvo Penta Stern Drive Evinrude Repair Shawnee Mercury Repair Overland Park
Volvo Stern Drive Evinrude Repair Smithville Mercury Repair Shawnee
Volvo Sterndrive Evinrude Repair Smithville Lake Mercury Repair Smithville
Mercury Repair Smithville Lake
Tohatsu Johnson
Tohatsu Gearcase Johnson Evinrude Lower Unit Remanufactured Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Clinton Johnson Gearcase Remanufactured Evinrude Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Desoto Johnson Lower Unit Remanufactured Johnson Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Hillsdale Lake Johnson Lower Units Remanufactured Force Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Kansas City Johnson Outboard Lower Unit Remanufactured Mercury Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake Lotawana Johnson Outboard Repair Clinton Remanufactured Mercruiser Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake Perry Johnson Outboard Repair Desoto Remanufactured OMC Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake Quivira Johnson Outboard Repair Hillsdale Lake Remanufactured Volvo Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake Weatherby Johnson Outboard Repair Kansas City Remanufactured Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lees Summit Johnson Outboard Repair Lake Lotawana Rebuilt Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair North Kansas City Johnson Outboard Repair Lake Perry
Tohatsu Repair Olathe Johnson Outboard Repair Lake Quivira Marine Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair Overland Park Johnson Outboard Repair Lake Weatherby Boat Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair Shawnee Johnson Outboard Repair Lees Summit Boat Exhaust Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair Smithville Johnson Outboard Repair North Kansas City Chrysler Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair Smithville Lake Johnson Outboard Repair Olathe GLM Manifolds
Johnson Outboard Repair Overland Park Mercruiser Manifolds
Johnson Outboard Repair Shawnee OMC Manifolds
Johnson Outboard Repair Smithville Volvo Penta Manifolds
Johnson Outboard Repair Smithville Lake OEM Marine Manifolds