2019 Outlook

As we say goodbye to 2018, we took a quick look back in time.  A lot has changed since Mercury’s small beginnings in 1939 when outboards were ordered from the Montgomery Ward mail order catalog.  Mercury Outboards continue to be a leader in the industry and are even more reliable today.   We at US…

Happy Holidays

  Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season. We sincerely thank you for your business & look forward to serving your boating needs in the new year. Your Trusted Source for Boat Parts and Repair, The US Boatworks Team

Spring Boat Maintenance Tips

The calendar says it’s almost spring yet the 30 degree temps make it seem like a distant dream.  As we just entered the month of April, its time to think about getting your boat out of storage and begin your spring boat maintenance.  So, if you ask yourself, “do I need to perform boat maintenance?”   or…

Open Saturdays

It finally happened just like it does every year.  Freezing temperatures left us and  spring is in the air.  Like clockwork as soon as it warms up, our phones start ringing off the hook and customers line up to get their boats ready for the season.  Since you need us, we are now open on Saturdays beginning March 3rd….

Why you need Fuel Additives for your Boat Engine

Old, untreated gasoline in your boat motor can impact your engine’s performance. Over time old gasoline turns into sludge which can deposit in your carburetor, injectors and fuel lines. These deposits can harm your engine. Treating your fuel can prevent gunk in your tank and fuel lines and remove any current deposits in your motor. We always recommend…